Why You Should Take Time To Breathe Deeply

Why You Should Take Time To Breathe Deeply

We move through life to achieve our goals, but sometimes, life can be hard. During times of stress, taking a moment to simply breathe is important. Taking a deep breath can help you calm down and relax. To learn the value of deep breathing, read on for more information on this useful practice.

The Importance of Breathing for the Body

Our bodies require oxygen to perform multiple tasks that keep us healthy. The muscles need it to repair themselves and fortify the fibers that give us strength and resilience. Our breath supplies oxygen to organs and cells to help us grow and turn food into energy.

These functions occur with every breath. So you should take a deep breath to supply your body with more oxygen, give yourself a burst of energy, and improve your mood.

How Breathing Affects the Mind

Our minds react to the world and stimuli around us. Your breath sends signals to your brain to tell you whether you are in danger or safe.

Fast breathing will tell your brain that you are active and need adrenaline, triggering a stress response in the mind that contributes to anxiety and fear. But a slow, steady breath lets the brain know you are safe and calm.

A deep breath will help your mind reset and signal the brain to slow down and remain calm. Breathe in deeply, then exhale gradually to let your mind slow down. You’ll notice that your thoughts become more focused, and you don’t feel as stressed.

How Deep Breathing Impacts Your Life

You’ll have many stressors throughout life, but when you take a moment to breathe deeply, that stress will begin to fade away. Deep breathing is good for you, but you don’t need to do it constantly. The best time to practice deep breathing is when your thoughts are racing and you have a lot of nervous energy.

Taking time daily to take a deep breath and exhale slowly will improve your mental and physical health. Your lungs will grow used to the practice, your breathing will improve, your muscles will feel less tight, and you won’t have as many aches and pains. Stress and muscle tension are the most common causes of headaches and migraines. Deep breathing will mitigate the pain by supplying oxygen and decreasing the number of electrical impulses from the brain.

Deep breathing is a simple way to improve your health and relax your mind. Find a moment in your day to breathe deeply, even if only for a few seconds. As you exhale, release the stress you’re carrying, and you will feel better.


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