What To Wear Hiking in the Fall To Stay Cozy

What To Wear Hiking in the Fall To Stay Cozy

The weather is changing, but that doesn’t mean you must stop doing the outdoor activities you love. Hiking in the fall is a blast! Looking at the beautiful fall foliage as you feel the crisp air is a wonderful feeling everyone should experience at least once. However, if you’re not wearing the right clothes, you can find yourself uncomfortable and chilly the entire time—talk about misery.

During the fall months, the weather is temperamental, meaning it could be sunny one minute and dreary the next. The key to Fall hiking is to prepare for any weather change by mastering the art of layering to keep yourself cool, dry, and warm. Let’s break down what to wear when hiking in the fall, so you stay warm and cozy.

Layering Is Key

When hiking, the key is to wear lightweight, quick-drying, and moisture-wicking fabrics. You’ll want to avoid materials that retain moisture, such as cotton because it can make you cold. Your hiking clothes should be insulated, warm, comfortable, and stylish! Layering your clothing will help regulate your body temperature to prevent overheating or becoming hypothermic. Below are the athleisure essentials you’ll need for your next hiking trip.

Base Layer

When shopping for hiking gear, think breathable but warm. Your base layer is the building block of your fall hiking outfit. Start with the following core items the next time you hit the hiking trail:

  • Short sleeve polyester t-shirt
  • Breathable but warm leggings


The mid-layer should provide insulation and coverage but still be lightweight. You don’t want to overheat while hiking. Try to stick with insulated fabrics when putting together this layer of clothing, think:

  • Long sleeve top
  • Quarter-zip pullover

Outer Layer

Now, this is where you can have fun! Just because you’re hiking doesn’t mean you can’t show off your personal style! Show off your style with colorful hoodies or rain jackets! Feel good and look even better with the following outer layer suggestions:

  • Insulated vest
  • Insulated hoodie
  • Rain jacket

Bring These Accessories Along

We must protect ourselves differently when the weather changes from hot to cool. You should still protect your skin from burning in the sun by wearing sunscreen and a hat, but the accessories below will help you keep your entire body warm from head to toe:

  • Outdoor gloves
  • Beanie
  • Neck gaiter

Keep Your Feet Warm, Too

When hiking, it’s imperative you have the proper foot gear and socks. Your feet will take you on this journey, so it’s important that you protect them with the following:

  • Wool socks
  • Waterproof Hiking boots
  • Hiking sneakers

Hiking is such a rewarding experience. Throughout your journey, you’ll learn more about yourself and the world surrounding you. Listen to the birds sing and watch the leaves change colors while hiking in your athleisure essentials. Stay cozy this fall season by wearing the appropriate hiking clothing.


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