Tips for Dealing With Your Allergies During the Summer

Tips for Dealing With Your Allergies During the Summer

When allergies start to flare up during the summer, whether from pollen, smog, or insects, it may make you want to stay inside to avoid triggers. But you can still enjoy the sunshine and balmy weather without sneezing or swelling up. With a few tips for dealing with your allergies during the summer, you can soak up the sun without worry.

Take Evening Showers

Try hopping in the shower at the end of the day instead of first thing in the morning. This will allow you to wash off any pollen or other particles you may have picked up during the day. That way, you’ll wake up the next morning squeaky clean and free of leftover allergens.

Be Weather-Conscious

Check your local weather station (or even an app on your phone) for daily forecasts. Extra-hot days are perfect conditions for mold to creep around, and high winds fill the air with dust, pollen, and other asthma and allergy triggers. If the forecast calls for either, stay indoors.

Install an Air Filter

Every time you go outside and come back in, you bring bits of the outdoors with you. Banish pollen, mold, and dust mites from your home by putting in an air filter.

Do More Laundry

When you come home at the end of the day and prepare for your evening shower (see above), toss your clothes in a hamper that you keep in a well-ventilated area. You may be doing laundry more often during the summer to ensure your clothes and linens are free of allergens. (Don’t line-dry your clothes outside, of course!)

Be Prepared

You may already be in the habit of carrying allergy medication with you; keep it up! When you’re out and about, keep a supply of allergy meds with you, along with nasal spray and an EpiPen if you have severe allergies.

Summer doesn’t have to be a time of dread and anxiety over nasty allergies. There are plenty of easy steps you can take to relieve those reactions and keep your airways clear. Follow these tips for dealing with your allergies during the summer and you’ll soon enjoy the warm weather!


Authored by Inspire Your Journey