Tips and Essentials: How To Start Bike Commuting

Tips and Essentials: How To Start Bike Commuting

Bike commuting has been a popular way to get around in bigger cities for decades. Today, this transportation option has become a popular way to get to work, shops, or even brunch. The numerous benefits include better health, fewer expenses, and the ability to get outside every day. If you’re just starting on your bike commute journey, then there are some tips and essentials that you need to know. Here are some tips and essentials for those who are thinking about making their first bike commute.

Safety First

Wear bright clothing, and if you will be traveling early morning or late evening when the sun isn’t out, be sure to use a light of some kind. It would be best to have one attached to both the front and back of your helmet or the bike itself.

Bright colors and lights make it easier for drivers to see you. The lights also help you see where you’re going so you can stay on the road safely. No matter how short the ride is, it’s worth wearing a helmet. This one act could save your life.

Advanced Planning

Plan your route and make sure it is safe. Even if there aren’t many cars around, other obstacles like construction or potholes could cause a spill on your commute. Make sure to consider busy intersections where drivers aren’t expecting bikes. If possible, plan ways around these problem areas.

Practice Your Route Over the Weekend

If you are biking to the same place every day, take your bike out for a dry run over the weekend. This gives you a chance to try it out without the added pressure of arriving on time. You may also choose to practice in different weather conditions or at different times of the day before making the switch.

Bike Commuting Can Be Very Safe, Cost Efficient, and Easy

Before you embark on your bike commute, planning is important. Advanced planning is the key to a safe and stress-free commute. Here are a few last things to keep in mind:

  • Leg cramps are real, and you should be prepared for how to deal with them while cycling.
  • Check your tires, brakes, and chain for wear before each ride.
  • Be sure that any lights or reflective materials are working properly at nighttime before leaving home.
  • Have a predetermined spot to lock up your bike while you are working.

Once you’ve done all this preparation work, you are ready to hit the road. Hopefully, this inspired you to give bike commuting a try. It can feel intimidating at first, but just remember that everyone started somewhere!


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