The Top Reasons To Cut Down on Screen Time

The Top Reasons To Cut Down on Screen Time

Technology is an unavoidable medium today. As more people use their smartphones, tablets, or laptops for work and recreation, it seems the artificial world is as important as the real one. However, many researchers and behavior scientists consider this an issue for many users, especially teenagers and young adults. Read some of these top reasons to cut down on screen time to see why.

Worsens Eyesight

Naturally, staring at electronic screens for a long time worsens your eyesight. Staring at artificial light, small text, and small imagery causes eyestrain. Too much eyestrain puts more pressure on your retinas, worsening your eyesight as you age. Reducing screen time gives your eyes a chance to relax and recover. If you wear glasses or work on a computer, consider using blue light lenses to help mitigate the impact of artificial light on your retinas.

Impacts Sleep

As more people stare at their screens in place of a book, the artificial light makes your brain believe it’s still daylight, negatively impacting your natural sleep cycle. Even though newer technology offers nighttime lighting to reduce this issue, artificial light still affects sleep patterns. Also, multitasking on various apps increases the time you stay awake while you should unwind and sleep. Instead, put down the phone and try to get at least eight hours of quality sleep each night. There are many benefits of getting eight hours of sleep that you don’t want to neglect, like hormone regulation, a stronger immune system, and better decision-making.

Inhibits Social Skills

You’ve probably heard from a parent or teacher that staring at your phone is rude. That’s because more time spent on your phone or online inhibits your social skills. This may seem like a catch-22 if you’re the type of person to engage with others online, like through chat rooms or video games. However, online communication is not the same as in-person communication. Strong interpersonal skills are critical for overall life skills. Don’t manifest an anti-social personality from overusing your electronics.

Affects Mental Health

Another top reason to cut down on screen time is that it affects your mental health. Social media has created new worlds and means of communication for millions of users, but it also has led to some unwanted side effects. Mainly, many users report higher feelings of anxiety and depression from social media due to cyberbullying, body shaming, and loneliness. Many social media platforms exhibit an artificial sense of life that many people feel negatively impacts their worldview. You can easily avoid this by reducing screen time and spending more time living your life. If you still feel depressed or anxious, consider talking to a therapist for guidance.


Authored by Inspire Your Journey