The Top 3 Tips for Sleeping With Back Pain

The Top 3 Tips for Sleeping With Back Pain

Living your best life means keeping your health in order. A cornerstone of any healthy lifestyle is adequate sleep, but getting a good night’s sleep can be challenging if you suffer from occasional back pain. With this in mind, here are our top three tips for sleeping with back pain.

Try Out Different Positions

When it comes to sleep, one size does not fit all. There are many different sleeping positions that could help you if you’re experiencing back pain. For instance, sleeping in the fetal position might relieve tension on the spine. However, you might want to switch sides every other night or so to prevent that side of your body from getting sore. Using an extra pillow for support can benefit your sleep as well.

No matter which position works best for you, as long as it helps you sleep and doesn’t put any significant strain on your body, it will help you feel better when you wake up.

Line Up Your Linens

If your back is sensitive, you can probably feel every crease and indentation in your linens when you lie down. These distractions could have significant effects on your sleep quality. Therefore, you should make sure that your mattress cover, bedsheets, and duvet cover are all lined up so that you feel completely relaxed when you’re under the covers. In addition, you might want to check your bed frame to make sure it’s straight. If your bed frame leans to one side, the long-term effects on your back could be painful.

Practice Good Sleep Hygiene

Proper sleep hygiene is beneficial whether you have back problems or not. Sleep hygiene refers to the way we approach our sleeping routines. It could include creating the perfect environment for sleep, going to sleep consistently at the same time each night, and minimizing exposure to harsh light before bedtime.

Overall, suffering from acute or chronic back pain can make even the simplest tasks difficult. Now that you know our top three tips for sleeping with back pain, you can finally get back to living the life you love.


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