The Gems of Life: Valuable Lessons from Redwood Drive

My mother has been retired for approximately eleven years now. For her entire career she worked at a local hospital, starting as a nurse’s aide and working her way up to being a manager of the Radiology Department. She misses that environment and the satisfaction of helping patients recover from their traumas. We both agreed that she has helped hundreds of people throughout her hospital career. Reminding her of this fact makes her feel better.

The Challenges & Positives

I need to remind my mother because she is battling with dementia and the early stages of Alzheimer’s. She suffered a stroke ten years ago which left permanent neurological damage and cognitive impairment. Trying to maintain a sense of normalcy within her life is a continuous challenge.

One of the positive outcomes from this tragedy has been our weekly walks that we take down Redwood Drive. My mom needs a walker to aid her balance, but she takes these jaunts almost every day which uplifts her spirits and gives her a sense of independence.

An Unexpected Meeting

During one of our recent outings, we saw a young woman pushing her two small children in a stroller. We didn’t recognize the family, but they all waved a big hello. The young woman crossed the street. As she approached us, her two kids started waving again. They were adorable and anxious to meet my mother and I. One was a boy, about 6 years old; the other child was a girl, approximately 3 years of age.

The young mother was excited to chat with us. She explained that when we walked by the house, if her kids were looking out the bay window, they would wave to us from the inside, unbeknownst to my mother and I. The young boy smiled, shaking his head in agreement. Apparently, our walks were one of the highlights of their day.

The Cherished Values

We don’t always know when we are impacting the lives of other human beings. This story is a gentle reminder that our actions and deeds do have an influence upon others, whether we realize it or not. You never know who’s watching, so be responsible.



Authored by Susan Kapatoes, founder and manager of Inspire Your Journey