The Different Uses and Benefits of Beeswax

The Different Uses and Benefits of Beeswax

It may seem hard to comprehend, but every three mouthfuls of food we eat depend upon our friendly pollinators, which include bees. Bees are invaluable to the earth as they pollinate nearly 80 percent of flowering plants. Every aspect of a bee’s existence and purpose has incredible benefits, from pollination to honey and even wax. Find out more about the different uses and benefits of beeswax.

Healing Solvent

Beeswax can work as a powerful healing agent that accelerates and eases the healing of abrasions. The reason it works so well as a facilitator of healing is due to the way it prevents bacteria from entering the wound. Outside bacteria could cause your wound to become inflamed and infected, significantly prolonging and worsening the healing process.

Ancient Medicine

It’s incredible to think about, but the use of beeswax as a medicinal substance goes back nearly 9,000 years ago. For example, one of the many uses and benefits of beeswax in China nearly 2000 years ago was as medicine to increase circulation.

However, it’s also a sad thought that an ancient medicine could soon be unavailable to us. That’s due to the ever-growing problem of bees dying in unprecedented numbers due to global warming and habitat destruction. Thankfully, there are many ways to save the bees so that we can keep the use of this ancient medicine alive. One thing you can do right now is avoid chemicals toxic to bees, like pesticides.

Aromatherapy Staple

Beeswax has a natural aromatherapy component as it has a sweet, clean fragrance that many enjoy smelling. The most interesting part about the scent of a beeswax candle is that each one will smell a little different as it depends on the flowers used to create the honey. Moreover, burning beeswax can purify your air as it helps decrease the number of harmful pollutants in the home. These pollutants include dust, bacteria, hair, and fur.


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