The Best Exercises To Help Neck Pain

The Best Exercises To Help Neck Pain

When your neck hurts, it affects your sleep and work schedule. Chronic neck pain can radiate and become increasingly uncomfortable and frustrating. The most effective way to fight chronic neck pain is to build stronger core muscles.

Muscles in your back and abdomen support your neck and evenly distribute weight in your body. Having weaker core muscles could cause your neck to strain and overwork itself until an injury occurs. To prevent neck pain and build better support muscles in your core, we’ve compiled the best exercises to help neck pain.

Single-Leg Raises

This exercise targets lower abdominal muscles and regulates posture. First, sit in a chair with your back straight and your legs resting flat on the floor. Keep your hands in your lap while you lift one leg and hold it in the air for three seconds before letting it rest again. Remember to exhale while lifting your leg and inhale between each leg lift. Repeat this exercise ten times with both legs.

Heel Raises

Heel raises are among the best exercises to help with neck pain. This exercise will build strength in your back and glute muscles. First, stand behind a chair and plant your feet hip-width apart. Next, hold onto the back of the chair and lift yourself onto the balls of your feet.

For the best performance, focus on keeping your abs tight while you roll back and forth from your heel to the balls of your feet. As your heels lift, you should feel muscles in your back and glutes extend and stretch. Learning different stretching exercises, such as heel raises, can help alleviate muscle pain and improve overall flexibility. Repeat this exercise ten times for the best results.

Table Planks

If you want a more challenging exercise to alleviate neck pain, table planks are a simple and effective way to build supportive muscle. To begin, find a secure table; then, stand in front of it with your feet planted together. Next, lean your forearms against the table and straighten your back so that your entire upper body is slanted and planked against the table’s edge.

Next, hold your hands together and position your shoulders directly above your elbows to distribute your weight evenly. Lift your heels and hold yourself up on the balls of your feet for an interval of 15 to 30 seconds. Continue this exercise daily, and add longer intervals each time you practice.

Repeating these short exercises in small intervals every day will build stronger abdomen and back muscles to support your neck and alleviate pain. Your sleep and work schedule should not permanently suffer due to neck pain. Practice these simple exercises to get one step closer to reducing debilitating neck pain.


Authored by Inspire Your Journey