The Benefits of Improving Your Posture Once and for All

The Benefits of Improving Your Posture Once and for All

We could all retire if we had a dollar for every time someone told us to sit up straight. Though there’s good intention behind every postural reminder, the science behind it further drives it home the fact that we should sit up straight. Keeping your back in alignment supports many systems in the body. An easy way to understand this is recognizing that your body is one extensive system with many small functions. Let’s discuss the benefits of improving your posture once and for all and put an end to the nagging!

Back Relief

Your body should remain in a neutral position, with your pelvis, torso, and head stacked in alignment. Positioning your head too far forward or tilting your hips can strain the supporting muscles in a way that wreaks havoc on your back. An easy fix is wearing a waist trainer to realign your body and release some of the tension you’re holding.

Reduces Headaches

Dropping your shoulders and head can induce unnecessary tension and headaches. Spend a few weeks adjusting your shoulders, and see if that improves your headaches. It’s always best to consult your primary care physician if you experience severe or debilitating headaches, but if you experience them randomly and feel that something else is triggering them, consider monitoring your posture.

Improves Mood

One of the most significant benefits of improving your posture once and for all is that proper posture plays an enormous role in your mood. If you’re constantly slouching and your head hangs, you may experience a depressive state. Some people don’t need medical intervention but rather just a few tweaks in their posture.

Better Breathing

Poor posture is often linked to lousy breathing techniques, and vice versa. Solid core breathing fills your lungs deeply and controls the nervous system. But if you’re slouched and not supportive of full lungs, you cannot breathe as well. Standing tall and allowing your lungs to fill with air is an excellent way to work on your posture and breathwork.

Improves Digestion

Poor posture can also impair your digestion. If you’re not erect and neutrally positioned, your digestion slows down. The less compression and strain you put on your internal functions, the better chance they have at working for you rather than against you.

There’s no doubt that good posture can do many things for you. So if you’re experiencing anything odd, discuss all your options with your health-care provider, and see if you can make any postural tweaks in the meantime.


Authored by Admin @ Inspire Your Journey