According to Mental Health America, the prevalence of youth experiencing major episodes of depression has been steadily increasing over the last six years and more than ten million adults in the United States are still in need of mental health treatment. More Americans have health care insurance today, but not all plans cover mental and emotional difficulties.

Mental health is multifaceted, consisting of many factors that make up our physical, psychological, and emotional well-being. Physically, when our body is in good working condition, our mood is typically positive. But when we are suffering from a physical illness, it is difficult to maintain an optimistic viewpoint and easy to slip into a state of depression. This is why it is so imperative that we do our best to maintain our physical health because it impacts our mental wellness.

When we are in emotional distress or elation, we know these states also impact our mood. When we are feeling low from a broken relationship or a lost job, then it is imperative to seek help or take actions which begin the healing process. Expressing our feelings to loved ones, going for a walk-in nature, taking a pause to do a short meditation, or connecting with others of like minds are a few examples.

We are also living on a planet whose frequency and magnetic field intensities are influencing our own biological systems, including how we think and feel. This blog will focus on the therapeutic lifestyle changes that we can implement in order to improve our mental wellness and help maintain it. We will highlight the importance of eating healthy meals, discuss the Earth’s magnetic field, and the crucial role that PEMF Therapy can play in helping to enhance our health.

How Food Affects Your Mood

The more we learn about gut health, the more we realize how important it is to our OVERALL health. The recent investment issue of Forbes Magazine spotlighted the gut microbiome and its health applications. Magazines such as Forbes are recognizing the gut health topic because it has become a trending science.

Recent studies have revealed that our gut microbiome includes more than 100 trillion bacterial cells. Those gut microbes produce more feel-good neurotransmitters, like serotonin and dopamine, than the brain itself which is Amazing! These neurotransmitters affect how we feel, signifying that the balance within the gut-brain axis forms the very foundation of our mental wellness.

Learn more about The Road to Wellness Through Gut Health.

NASA, PEMF Therapy, & The Earth’s Magnetic Field

  • NASA is well known for its profound research in the field of PEMF and its impact upon the human body. Their extreme curiosity was a direct response to astronauts experiencing depressive-like states while being away from the Earth’s magnetic field for an extended duration. NASA discovered that our bodies are naturally accustomed to the Earth’s magnetic field and our bodies are not able to function correctly when we are removed from its presence, as if we were missing essential nutrients. The Earth has a base frequency or Schumann Resonance of 7.83 Hz which has remained relatively stable. However, global electromagnetic activity has been steadily increasing and fluctuating since NASA discovered its impact on the human body in the 1960’s.
  • You can see the Earth’s frequency in its current time here: Schumann Resonance Today.
  • Russian Space Scientist, Dr. Alexey N. Dmitriev, has evidence that our planet, the Sun, and our entire solar system is going through an unprecedented energetic shift. In his published paper, PLANETOPHYSICAL STATE OF THE EARTH AND LIFE, Dmitriev states, “Current PlanetoPhysical alterations of the Earth are becoming irreversible. Strong evidence exists that these transformations are being caused by highly charged material and energetic nonuniformity’s in anisotropic interstellar space which have broken into the interplanetary area of our Solar System. This “donation” of energy is producing hybrid processes and excited energy states in all planets, as well as the Sun.”

BEMER Therapy and Mental Health

  • BEMER Application in Children’s Mental Health, Haug Report, p. 19-20. This study evaluated the impact that BEMER Therapy had upon the mental health and emotional stability of youth between the ages of 4 to 17 years of age. The observations showed that BEMER had a calming effect upon the youth. They displayed a decrease in physical aggression and an increase in academic and social participation. In particular, BEMER also had a balancing influence upon the mental and emotional states of these youths as stated by Susan Pickrel, MD.

    “A child with an anxious or agitated affect has clearly observed calming and a child with a flat or blunted affect has an appropriate energizing.”  – Susan Pickrel, MD 

  • BEMER Therapy for Cognitive Impairments, Haug Report, p. 21-23. This study highlights a 57-year-old secretary who filed for early retirement due to cognitive decline. She was making mistakes, having trouble finding the right words, and forgetfulness became apparent. SPECT images showed circulatory deficiencies throughout her brain, and an irregular brainstem that was low in activity. BEMER was applied consistently for 2 years with excellent results:   

    Brain images showed positive changes to the circulatory condition in the brain, including the brainstem. Check-up concluded normal psychomotor speed, a stable mental state, unimpaired thinking, and intellectual-mnestic functions have been preserved. – Dr. med. Eva Csecsel  


There are many factors which contribute to the state of our mental health. These factors include our dietary food choices, the magnetic field and Schumann Resonance of the Earth, and how well we are taking care of ourselves by incorporating complementary therapies into our daily behavior patterns.

In order to experience harmony and remain in a balanced state amidst an ever-developing world, we can choose to integrate therapeutic lifestyle changes to help us maintain a calm and clear mind.

These lifestyle changes present us with the opportunity to eat healthier, supplement our diet with high-quality nutrition products, or invest in a PEMF Therapy device such as BEMER which will improve the quality of our lives. By applying these preventative health measures, we are empowering ourselves to experience optimal well-being in the present moment and well into the future.


I am available for your support and to answer any questions you may have, so please reach out.


Susan Kapatoes, IBD

Susan Kapatoes, MHA is the founder and owner of Inspire Your Journey, a holistic wellness company. She is a Wellness Partner with Amare Global, the Mental Wellness Company, and an Independent Distributor with BEMER Therapy. She lives in Massachusetts. 


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by Susan Kapatoes, MHA

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy is a type of therapy that is being used by millions of people throughout the world due to its amazing health benefits. It is being used by medical doctors, physicians, holistic health practitioners, chiropractors, physical therapists, professional athletes, and everyday people like you and me who want to improve the quality of our lives.

Let’s explore the basics of this cutting-edge technology that is being used in more than 4,000 hospitals and clinics worldwide.

How does PEMF Therapy work?

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy is a process of pulsing electromagnetic energy into the body with a repetition rate called frequency. Our cells and bones absorb this energy and respond positively to these supportive frequencies which help to improve our body’s natural ability to heal itself.

What are the results? 

All PEMF therapy devices are designed to improve blood circulation within the microvessels thereby supporting the body’s natural self-regulating processes. Blood is the body’s universal means of transportation. Oxygen, nutrients, chemical messengers (e.g., hormones) and immune cells are all transported through our blood. When our body’s cells, tissues, and organs are adequately nourished and metabolic waste products are removed, our bodies can maintain a healthy balance and function properly.

What are the Microvessels? 

Our microvessels, the tiny capillaries and arterioles that are less than a hair’s width in diameter, make up 74% of our circulatory system. This means that the MAJORITY of our blood is moving through these small microvessels, while only 26% is moving through our larger veins and arteries.

These tiny microvessels are responsible for delivering oxygen and nutrients to our cells and removing cell waste. This improves the functioning of the mitochondria within our cells which generate ENERGY for our body. Our microvessels are feeding and cleaning our cells on a daily basis which makes them extremely important in maintaining our health for the short term and the LONG TERM.

INTERESTING FACT: Medications do not have an impact upon the microvessels because there are no medication receptors within these tiny vessels. And physical manipulative techniques such as massage therapy and chiropractic adjustments only have minimal impact upon our microvasculature system.

When choosing a PEMF device, it is important to ask the right questions as not all PEMF devices are created equal. Your health is vital to the quality of your physical, emotional, and mental well-being, therefore take your time and be diligent in your research before making a final decision.

To help you in this process, here are some questions you should be asking yourself when looking to purchase a PEMF device for your home.

Pay Attention to Frequency, Waveform, and Intensity  

  • LET’S BEGIN WITH FREQUENCY. Virtually all serious studies of PEMF show that frequencies below 50Hz are the most effective. Frequency is measured in Hertz or Cycles Per Second. One Hertz (Hz) is one cycle per second. Because all frequencies generated by therapeutic PEMF systems provide non-ionizing energy, they do not cause the body any harm. In fact, it is just the opposite. The frequencies present in PEMF therapy devices support the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Pulsating electromagnetic frequencies above 100-200 Hz are not as effective as they quickly lose their ability to provide the beneficial effects of PEMF on cells and bones.
  • This is why BEMER uses a pulsed frequency range between 10 – 30Hz.
  • WHEN IT COMES TO WAVEFORMS, BEMER uses a patented Complex Multidimensional Sine Wave that is carried by a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) generated by the BEMER device. (Note: the terms waveform and signal are used interchangeably). With PEMF devices, it is the WAVEFORM that is responsible for increasing blood flow at the microcapillary level.
  • It is the waveform that is the distinguishing factor between high quality PEMF devices and those of a lesser quality. The waveform acts upon the smooth muscle of the microvasculature system, arterioles and capillaries, increasing the blood flow at the microcapillary level. This results in a significant increase in the vasomotion of the microvessels, arteriovenous pO2 difference, and the number of open capillaries, arteriolar and venular flow volume.
  • It is the COMPLEX WAVEFORM used by the BEMER device that makes it truly unique and ultra-effective in increasing blood flow within the microvessels. Other systems use simple waveforms such as a simple square wave, a simple triangle wave or a simple sawtooth wave.
  • LET’S TALK INTENSITY. BEMER devices generate a magnetic field intensity between 3.5 – 150 μT (microTesla). For comparison, the magnetic field of Earth in Budapest is approximately 48 μT.  (Note: the terms intensity, magnetic field, and flux density are used interchangeably).It is IMPORTANT TO NOTE that the magnetic field is only a vehicle to deliver the pulsed frequency signal into the body. When researching devices, the main focus should be on the type of SIGNAL OR WAVEFORM that is being delivered by the device.

*** It is the quality of the waveform that determines the quality of the device ***

BEMER uses a complex, multidimensional waveform which makes it truly unique in the world of PEMF devices. It is this waveform that makes BEMER ultra effective in increasing blood flow at the microcapillary level.


  • The frequency range should be within 10-30Hz.
  • The complex waveform is the distinguishing factor that sets BEMER apart from other PEMF devices.
  • The magnetic field is the vehicle which delivers the waveform. The intensity of the magnetic field should be within the range of our own Earth’s magnetic field for the best compatibility with our human body. BEMER devices generate a magnetic field intensity between 3.5 – 150 μT (microTesla).

Questions to Consider When Choosing a PEMF Therapy Device

How Does PEMF Therapy Fit Into Your Life?

Once you understand the importance of frequency, waveform, and magnetic field intensity, you should then consider lifestyle implications. Here are some questions you should ask yourself:

  • Do I have time for daily PEMF therapy sessions?
  • Do I have a budget that allows for ongoing session plans at a spa, wellness center, or medical practice?
  • Do I have family members to consider as well?

Many of my clients first experienced the benefits of PEMF therapy by purchasing sessions at a medical or wellness center. But I’ve found that most people consider ongoing sessions to be inconvenient and expensive. It’s just too difficult to get to a wellness center 3-5 times per week on a consistent basis. And the costs add up over time.

Do You Want To Try The Device Before Purchasing?

The majority of people want to experience PEMF therapy in the comfort of their own home. By having the device in your home, you can use BEMER Therapy on a consistent basis which allows you to experience optimal results.

If you would like to try the device first before committing to a purchase, I offer a weekly or monthly rental option. Please click here for more information on my BEMER Rental Program.

What Areas of Your Body Would You Like To Focus Upon? 

Do you want your entire body to experience the benefits of PEMF therapy or just one particular area? Many clients start using PEMF therapy to relax their whole body, and then realize it can help with joint discomfort, muscle recovery, and wound care for targeted areas of the body.

BEMER provides a whole body mat for entire body application, plus 3 applicators to focus the signal into specific areas of the body. One of the applicators delivers infrared light therapy with the BEMER signal embedded into the light for greater impact. This applicator works for the alleviation of skin conditions, impaired wound healing or cosmetic use to improve the condition of your skin and connective tissue cells.

How much time do you have for each session?

Because BEMER’s waveform is so efficient at increasing microcirculation, you only need 8 minutes, twice a day on the whole body mat to experience results!! This is an incredible benefit for people who are strapped for time. There is no need to make lifestyle adjustments in order to fit BEMER into your daily schedule.

This is in stark contrast to other PEMF devices which may require up to 60 minutes of daily use to start experiencing results.

How convenient is the device to use and store?

The BEMER mat is very light and easy to transport as it only weighs 2kg. The control unit and its accessories are fully portable and can even be placed in your carry-on baggage while you fly to your favorite vacation destination. YES, you can use BEMER while flying on an airplane as the control unit has a built-in battery which is perfect for use on an airplane. Jet lag is dramatically reduced and your energy levels are greatly increased when you use BEMER while flying.

Is the PEMF therapy registered with the FDA as a medical device?

BEMER Therapy is an FDA Registered Class 1 Medical Device. Being registered with the FDA guarantees a high quality product as the device must adhere to certain quality standards in order to be classified as a medical device. This is an important question to ask the PEMF company or manufacturer of the device.

Is the PEMF device scientifically proven? 

This question is IMPORTANT to ask the manufacturer or distributor when searching for a PEMF device. Don’t be afraid to ask for the data. They should have this data readily available and be ready to share it.

BEMER Therapy is scientifically validated in peer reviewed research journals which can be found on PubMed. PubMed is the top online database for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books. The United States National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health maintains the PubMed database as part of the Entrez system of information retrieval. PubMed is a reliable and accurate resource.

Does the device have professional affiliations? 

BEMER is the only PEMF Therapy device on the market today that is in collaboration with both NASA and the NFL Alumni. 

NASA is embedding the BEMER technology into the next-generation of space suits in order to prevent muscle and bone atrophy of their astronauts. THINK ABOUT THIS. NASA has the financial means and resources to choose any PEMF device in the world. They chose BEMER because it works and its superior technology is scientifically validated and protected with multiple international patents.

The NFL Alumni is dedicated to upholding its responsibility to providing its members with the best possible benefits for their post NFL career which is why BEMER USA was chosen to deliver these health benefits. BEMER’s medical technology already services more than a million users worldwide, including NFL Alumni members.

What does the PEMF device include? 

When researching PEMF devices, be sure to ask what is included with the device as most PEMF manufacturers offer more than one model. With the BEMER Pro-Set, you are truly getting four devices built into one unit: (1) full body mat, (2) B.Pad, (3) B.Spot and (4) Infrared red-light therapy applicator.

This is what’s included in the BEMER Pro-Set:

  • Control Unit which generates the frequency, waveform, & intensity
  • Database with pre-programmed session times for easy use
  • Ability to program your own sessions with adjustable times
  • Full Body Mat for full body application of the BEMER signal
  • 2 Applicators for localized applications of the BEMER signal
  • 1 Infrared Light applicator for localized red LED light application
  • Built-in Sleep Program which supports the regeneration process during sleep. This is of major importance, especially for individuals who are undergoing rehabilitation and those persons who are elderly.

Don’t Settle for a Substandard Product

When you are looking for an in-home PEMF Therapy device, this doesn’t mean that you should settle for a device that is less powerful. A substandard product means more time on the device with less results.

Sessions with a PEMF device can range from $35-65 per session. Achieving optimal results usually requires several sessions per week. This option is out of financial reach for the majority of people.

If you are part of this group and want to choose an in-home therapy device, don’t sacrifice on the quality. Make sure it delivers the proper intensity and more importantly, the MOST EFFECTIVE WAVEFORM.

You will be making a one-time investment, so choose your PEMF device wisely as you are investing in your family’s health and well-being in the present moment and the LONG TERM. BEMER’s cutting-edge technology was originally designed for use in the professional setting, but due to popular demand, BEMER devices are now used in homes across the globe.

You can experience the rejuvenating effects of the BEMER Therapy device in your own home in just 8-minutes, twice per day. It will be hard to find another in-home device that provides the same amount of quality treatment at a reasonable price and flexible time requirement.

SUMMARY: Consider Asking These Questions Before Purchasing Your PEMF Therapy Device

In summary, ask yourself these questions before making a one-time investment in your PEMF therapy device:

  1. What areas of the body am I treating?
  2. How much time do I have for the sessions?
  3. How convenient is the device to use and store?
  4. Is the device scientifically proven in peer-reviewed research journals?
  5. Is it registered with the FDA as a medical device?

The clinical RESULTS behind the BEMER technology speak for themselves and offer unparalleled value in the world of PEMF therapy. This is why BEMER Therapy is being used by NASA, the NFL Alumni, professional athletes, physicians, healthcare facilities, and millions of people worldwide.

Experience the BEMER device for yourself, your loved ones, and your pets (yes, pets love BEMER too) with a one-time investment for your long-term wellbeing. YOUR HEALTH IS IMPORTANT & SO ARE YOU!


Susan Kapatoes, IBD


Susan Kapatoes, MHA is the founder and owner of Inspire Your Journey, a holistic wellness company. She is a Wellness Partner with Amare Global, the Mental Wellness Company, and an Independent Distributor with BEMER Therapy. She lives in Massachusetts.

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. BEMER Therapy is not a substitute for a face-to-face consultation with your healthcare provider and should not be construed as medical advice.




For this month’s blog, I have decided to focus upon the topic of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) which is currently affecting approximately 6 million people in the United States and 44 million people worldwide. This disease is rapidly growing and there is a good chance that someone in your family or circle of friends has been impacted by this disease.

Right now, I can think of seven people whom I know personally who currently have dementia or did have AD before they passed away. This disease is heartbreaking for it robs people of their very essence. And from my own experience with family members, in the beginning stages, the affected person is typically aware that something is not quite right with his or her mind but cannot put their finger on why. This is frustration at its finest for both the person suffering from the disease and the caregiver witnessing their loved one struggling to be the person they once were before the disease took hold.

The Cost of Alzheimer’s Disease

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, there are many costs involved with the individual person and the families who are impacted by the presence of AD or other dementias.  These costs are physical, emotional, mental, and financial.

In 2019, Alzheimer’s and other dementias will cost the nation $290 billion, including $195 billion in Medicare and Medicaid payments. Unless a treatment to slow, stop or prevent the disease is developed, in 2050, Alzheimer’s is projected to cost more than $1.1 trillion (in 2019 dollars). – Alzheimer’s Association

Compared with the majority of the population, people living with Alzheimer’s or other dementias typically have twice as many hospital stays per year. Medicare beneficiaries with Alzheimer’s are also more likely to have chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart or kidney disease. And people with AD usually have more skilled nursing visits and are more likely to need adult day services and nursing home care.

Help & Support

The scientific community has much to learn about this mysterious ailment and the cure of AD is still unknown.

But there are ways to support the people you know who have begun to show signs of dementia or have full blown AD. For most of us, our support will be shared with family and loved ones, unless you are a professional performing research or interacting directly with the patients in a healthcare facility.

The first and most critical way to offer your support is on an emotional level. It is vitally important to have compassion and understanding. Being an empathetic caregiver can help you through the challenging moments. It is also important that you seek help and support as a caregiver in order to replenish your own emotional needs.

The other way to support a loved one is on a physical level by adjusting their nutrition intake and integrating research-proven complimentary therapies into their daily living. This blog will focus on the physical support but you can find more information about caring for someone with dementia here.

Scientific research has shown that Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy can have a positive impact on patients with AD since this therapy increases overall blood circulation. And taking the right type of supplements can also encourage optimal brain function.

Read on for more details…

The Gut-Brain Connection

Science has begun to show a direct correlation between the health of our gut and the health of our brain. As much as 90 percent of serotonin is made in our gut and around 50 percent of dopamine. These neurotransmitters partially determine how you feel on a daily basis, so it stands to reason that when the microbiome is out of balance and the neurotransmitters aren’t being produced effectively, your mental health could suffer.

Amare Global, The Mental Wellness Companycreates high quality nutrition products that help to connect our gut and brain so they can function at an optimal level. I will be focusing on two products from Amare Global which have been shown to have a positive impact upon gut health and brain functionality: (1) MentaBiotics, and (2) OmMEGA Fish Oil.

MENTABIOTICS: The Most Comprehensive Probiotic 

I have been taking MentaBiotics for a year now and my stomach has never felt better. MentaBiotics is a comprehensive nutritional system that contains specific strains of healthy bacteria (probiotics), specialized fibers (prebiotics), and phytobiotics which protect the healthy bacteria. This supplement has been scientifically proven to enhance your overall physical and mental well-being.

MentaBiotics also contains Suntheanine which has been shown to improve learning performance, heighten mental acuity, and promote concentration.

OmMEGA: High Quality Fish Oil 

I have been taking OmMEGA for a few months now and I can tell you that this is the first fish oil does not give me the ‘fishy burps’ or leave an unpleasant taste in my mouth. OmMEGA is so clean that there is NONE of the fishy smell or aftertaste. In fact, before Amare, I had stopped taking fish oil supplements for these reasons so I am VERY PLEASED that I can finally take a fish oil without experiencing the annoying side effects.

PURE: OmMEGA has NO environmental toxins such as PCBs, heavy metals, mercury, or lead.

POTENT: OmMEGA Has a 5:1 ratio of EPA to DHA and contains a 70% extract of EPA and DHA. The standard fish oil on the market is a 30% extract.

BENEFIT: OmMEGA helps to support the building blocks for neurons and nerve growth throughout the body, especially in the brain.

PEMF Therapy & Alzheimer’s

There are many research studies documented in PubMed which have examined the possible impact that low-frequency magnetic field stimulation can have upon people with Alzheimer’s Disease (AD).

I will highlight two of those studies here.

1. Patient Blood Samples exposed to PEMF 
Low-Frequency Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Is Able to Modulate miRNAs in an Experimental Cell Model of Alzheimer’s Disease

Samples of blood were taken from patients with AD. For each patient, blood cultures were exposed to a Low Frequency Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (LF-PEMF). Non-treated blood cultures were evaluated as controls. The study found that LF-PEMF exposure stimulated both tissue regeneration and brain signaling capacity in the patients’ blood samples with AD.

2Patients Directly exposed to PEMF
Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease with Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Combined with Cognitive Training: A Prospective, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study.

This study researched the synergistic effect of magnetic field exposure combined with cognitive training on patients with AD. This combined therapy approach had a remarkable impact upon the memory and language domains in the patients affected by AD.

Are you curious about PEMF Therapy but don’t know where to start?
Please contact me and I will be happy to assist you!


Susan Kapatoes, MHA is the founder and owner of Inspire Your Journey, a holistic wellness company. She is a Wellness Partner with Amare Global, The Mental Wellness Company, and an Independent Distributor with BEMER Therapy.