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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy is a type of therapy that is being used by millions of people throughout the world due to its healthy benefits upon blood circulation. It is being used by physicians, healthcare practitioners, chiropractors, physical therapists, professional athletes, and everyday people like you and me who want to improve the quality of our lives. Let’s explore the basics of this cutting-edge technology.

How does PEMF Therapy work?

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy is a process of pulsing electromagnetic energy into the body with a repetition rate called frequency. Our cells and bones absorb this energy and respond positively to these supportive frequencies which help to improve our body’s natural ability to heal itself.

What are the results? 

All PEMF therapy devices are designed to improve blood circulation within the microvessels thereby supporting the body’s natural self-regulating processes. Blood is the body’s universal means of transportation. Oxygen, nutrients, chemical messengers (e.g., hormones) and immune cells are all transported through our blood. When our body’s cells, tissues, and organs are adequately nourished and metabolic waste products are removed, our bodies can function properly.

What are the Microvessels? 

Microvessels are the tiny capillaries and arterioles that are less than a hair’s width in diameter. The microvasculature makes up 74% of our circulatory system. This means that the MAJORITY of blood flows through our most tiny blood vessels while only 26% is moving through our larger veins and arteries.

The health of our microvessels determines the health of our physical body since these tiny vessels interface directly with our cells. They are responsible for delivering oxygen and nutrients to our cells and removing cell waste. When we feed and clean our cells on a daily basis, we maintain our health for the short term and especially the long term.

What Impacts the Microvessels

Medications do not have an impact upon the microvessels because there are no medication receptors within these tiny vessels. Physical manipulation techniques such as massage therapy and chiropractic adjustments only have minimal impact upon our microvasculature system. Exercise helps to improve microcirculation as well as regular use of a PEMF Therapy device.

When choosing a PEMF device, it is important to ask the right questions as not all PEMF devices are created equal. To help you in this process, here are some questions you should be asking yourself when looking to purchase a PEMF device for your home.

Pay Attention to Frequency, Waveform, and Intensity  

  • FREQUENCY – With PEMF devices, frequency is measured in Hertz. One Hertz (Hz) equals one cycle per second. Virtually all serious studies of PEMF show that frequencies below 50Hz are the most effective. This is why BEMER uses a pulsed frequency range between 10-30Hz. Because all frequencies generated by therapeutic PEMF systems provide non-ionizing energy, they do not cause harm but support the body’s natural ability to heal itself.
  • WAVEFORM – BEMER uses a patented Complex Multidimensional Sine Wave that is carried by a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) generated by the BEMER device. With PEMF devices, it is the waveform that is responsible for increasing blood flow at the microcapillary level. Therefore, it is the waveform that is the distinguishing factor between high quality PEMF devices and those of a lesser quality. Please note that the terms waveform and signal are used interchangeably.
  • INTENSITY – BEMER devices generate a magnetic field intensity between 3.5 – 150 μT (microTesla). It is important to note that the magnetic field is only a vehicle to deliver the pulsed frequency signal into the body. When researching devices, the main focus should be on the type of  WAVEFORM that is being delivered by the device. Please note that the terms intensity, magnetic field, and flux density are used interchangeably.

The Quality of the Waveform Determines the Quality of the Device 

BEMER uses a complex, multidimensional waveform which makes it truly unique in the world of PEMF devices. It is this waveform that makes BEMER ultra effective in increasing blood flow at the microcapillary level.


  • The frequency range should be within 10-30Hz.
  • The complex waveform is the distinguishing factor that sets BEMER apart from other PEMF devices.
  • The magnetic field is the vehicle which delivers the waveform. The intensity of the magnetic field should be within the range of our own Earth’s magnetic field for the best compatibility with our human body. BEMER devices generate a magnetic field intensity between 3.5 – 150 μT (microTesla).

Questions to Consider When Choosing a PEMF Therapy Device:

How Does PEMF Therapy Fit Into Your Life?

Once you understand the importance of frequency, waveform, and magnetic field intensity, you should then consider lifestyle implications. Here are some questions you should ask yourself:

  • Do I have time for daily PEMF therapy sessions?
  • Do I have a budget that allows for ongoing sessions at a wellness center?
  • Do I have family members to consider as well?

Many people first experience the benefits of PEMF therapy by purchasing sessions at a wellness center. But I’ve found that most people consider ongoing sessions to be inconvenient and expensive. It’s just too difficult to drive 3-5 times per week to your BEMER sessions. This is why I offer a BEMER Rental Program so that you can experience the benefits of BEMER therapy in the comfort of your own home.

What Areas of Your Body Would You Like To Focus Upon? 

Do you want your entire body to experience the benefits of PEMF therapy or just one particular area? Many clients start using PEMF therapy to relax their whole body, then realize it can help with joint discomfort, muscle recovery, and wound care for targeted areas of the body. BEMER provides a full size mat for whole body application, plus smaller applicators to focus the signal into specific areas of the body.

How much time do you have for each session?

Because BEMER’s waveform is so efficient at increasing microcirculation, you only need 8 minutes, twice a day on the whole body mat to experience results!! This is an incredible benefit for people who are strapped for time. There is no need to make lifestyle adjustments in order to fit BEMER into your daily schedule. This is in stark contrast to other PEMF devices which may require up to 60 minutes of daily use to start experiencing results.

How convenient is the device to use and store?

The BEMER mat is very light and easy to transport as it only weighs 2kg. The control unit and its accessories are fully portable and can be placed in your carry-on baggage while you fly to your favorite vacation destination. YES, you can use BEMER while flying on an airplane as the control unit has a built-in battery which is perfect for traveling. Jet lag is dramatically reduced and your energy levels are greatly increased when you use BEMER while flying.

Is the PEMF therapy registered with the FDA as a medical device?

BEMER Therapy is an FDA Class 2 Medical Device. Being cleared with the FDA guarantees a higher quality product as BEMER is regulated to strict quality control standards that are more stringent then Class 1 medical devices. This is an important question to ask the PEMF company or manufacturer of the device.

Is the PEMF device scientifically proven? 

This question is IMPORTANT to ask the manufacturer or distributor when searching for a PEMF device. Don’t be afraid to ask for the data. They should have this data readily available and be ready to share it. BEMER Therapy is scientifically validated in peer reviewed research journals which can be found on PubMed. PubMed is the top online database for biomedical literature from MEDLINE and life science journals. PubMed is a reliable and accurate resource.

Does the device have professional affiliations? 

BEMER is the only PEMF Therapy device on the market today that is in collaboration with both NASA and the NFL Alumni. NASA is embedding the BEMER technology into the next-generation of space suits in order to prevent muscle and bone atrophy of their astronauts. The NFL Alumni is dedicated to providing its members with the best possible care for their post NFL career which is why BEMER USA was chosen to deliver these health benefits.

Don’t Settle for a Substandard Product

When you are looking for an in-home PEMF Therapy device, this doesn’t mean that you should settle for a device that is less powerful. A substandard product means more time on the device with less results. Because BEMER’s technology is so efficient, you only need 16 minutes per day to achieve optimal results. You will be making a one-time investment, so choose your PEMF device wisely. BEMER’s cutting-edge technology is being used in homes and medical facilities across the globe.

SUMMARY: Consider Asking These Questions Before Purchasing Your PEMF Therapy Device

In summary, ask yourself these questions before making a one-time investment in your PEMF therapy device:

  1. What areas of the body am I treating?
  2. How much time do I have for the sessions?
  3. How convenient is the device to use and store?
  4. Is the device scientifically proven in peer-reviewed research journals?
  5. Is it registered with the FDA as a medical device?

The clinical RESULTS behind the BEMER technology speak for themselves and offer unparalleled value in the world of PEMF therapy. This is why BEMER Therapy is being used by NASA, the NFL Alumni, professional athletes, physicians, healthcare facilities, and millions of people worldwide. Experience the BEMER device for yourself, your loved ones, and your pets (yes, pets love BEMER too) with a one-time investment for your long-term wellbeing.


Authored by Susan Kapatoes, founder of Inspire Your Journey. 


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[Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. BEMER Therapy is not a substitute for a face-to-face consultation with your healthcare provider and should not be construed as medical advice.]




High quality ingredients are vital to maintaining optimal gut health. Research shows that the health of your gut, which is made up of trillions of bacteria, directly impacts your overall well-being and mental clarity. The majority of digestive microbes are found in the large intestine. They are collectively referred to as the gut microbiome.

Personally, once I started to monitor my dietary lifestyle, I made some changes. I now eat more fruits and vegetables, less meat and dairy, very little added sugar, and take gut boosting supplements on a daily basis. Eating a plant-based diet plus incorporating probiotics into my meals has resulted in positive changes.

Three Positive Changes

First, there was an immediate change in the quality and frequency of bowel movements. I became more regular and detoxification is essential for health. As we age, our body’s metabolism tends to slow down. I realize that I have to be very careful with my diet in order to keep my body clean.

Second, my sugar cravings have all but disappeared. The nutrient dense meals keep my energy levels sustained throughout the day. Eating junk food sets off a chain reaction that makes your body want more and more sugary food because it is made of empty, non-nutrient calories.

Third, and perhaps most significantly, I now have a much cleaner mouth. Ever notice a white coating on your tongue? The white coating signifies that your gut health is out-of-balance. This white coating has all but disappeared.

Restarting Your Engine

Here’s a great way to start your day with high quality body fuel!

Morning Smoothie

8 oz plant-based milk
1/2 banana
Handful mixed berries
1 Tbsp pumpkin seed butter
1 Tbsp pure maple syrup

Place all ingredients in a blender. Blend on high for 1-2 minutes. Enjoy!

Authored by Susan Kapatoes, founder of Inspire Your Journey.


After working a full day, I typically feel the need to recharge and refresh my creativity reservoir. I love what I do as a life coach, author, and healer, but it is imperative that I keep myself energized and balanced so I am able to provide an optimal experience for my clients. My favorite way to reinvigorate is to venture into my meditation room where I can completely relax and melt into the presence of my right brain.

As I enter the sacred space, the first thing I do is turn on my Rose Quartz lamp. The soft light emanating from the lamp is calming and soothing to all my senses. I feel comforted by the pink glow that imbues the atmosphere with an other-worldly peace. As I lay down into a comfortable position, I breathe a sigh of relief as I allow the tension in my body to simply drift away. It feels wonderful to be present in this space of harmony.

Days later, due to the expansion of my heart’s energy field, I notice that my interactions with family members and acquaintances have taken on a new flavor. I have more patience when speaking with them. It is easier to express how I feel because I am reacting less and responding with more conscious intent. I have developed these qualities over time, but Rose Quartz has played a factor in helping to cultivate these subtle personality traits.

I have been using Rose Quartz since 2004, and one might think that a person could become immune to a crystal’s impact and presence after the passage of multiple years. But in reality, the exact opposite has been true. Over time, I have developed a deeper respect for rose quartz and have become more sensitive to its powerful vibrations.

To this day, I am still amazed at the transformative effects that rose quartz has upon the environment and my psychological countenance. Mother Nature provides a storehouse of potential remedies that can aid both physical ailments and those of a non-physical character. The healing power of rose quartz helps to heal the latter. Its beautiful energy will aid the emotional aspects of the human heart, especially those concerning unconditional love.


Various properties have been attributed to Rose Quartz which have been documented by diversified sources. I have highlighted three of these qualities here: unconditional love, emotional healing, and a sense of calmness and centeredness.

Unconditional Love: The delightful Rose Quartz, with its gentle pink essence, is a stone of the heart, a crystal of unconditional love. Rose Quartz reawakens the heart to its own innate love and that of a higher divine love. It helps one to foster self-love and truly give and receive love from others.

Emotional Healing: Rose Quartz speaks directly to the heart chakra, helping to dissolve emotional wounds, fears and resentments by circulating a divine loving energy throughout the entire aura. It carries a soft feminine energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort.

Calmness & Centeredness: Rose Quartz nourishes the heart chakra which is stationed at the midpoint of our body’s energetic system. As human beings, we house seven chakras or energy centers that are located along the central line of the body from the base of the spine to the top of our head. There are 3 chakras located above the heart and 3 chakras located below. From an energetic perspective, our heart is akin to the center of a wheel, acting as a focal point for the other chakras which are likened to the spokes of a wheel in this scenario. As we feed the heart chakra, we are feeding our entire body, radiating the love above, below, and throughout our beings.


Self-Love: Rose Quartz promotes self-worth and self-forgiveness, especially for those people who are depressed or self-deprecating, possibly missing the love and nurturing as a child that is vital for the development of a positive self-image. Rose Quartz is the healer for these internal wounds, allowing the heart to accept the infinite source of love that comes from within the self. Only after learning to give love to the self is it possible to truly give love others.

Romantic Relationships: Rose Quartz can help to strengthen the emotional bond between you and your partner, allowing for enhanced communication on a deeper, intuitive level. It will enhance feelings of tenderness and understanding so the partnership can evolve to a higher level. Rose Quartz can help to restore the trust and harmony in relationships, encouraging unconditional love to flow between you and your loved one.

Expressing Yourself: If you or someone you know has difficulty expressing emotions, connecting with others on an emotional level, or consistently acts aloof, distant, & detached, Rose Quartz can help to open their heart so they feel more comfortable expressing themselves. Rose Quartz creates a safe and nurturing environment, allowing one to embrace their feminine side and communicate how they truly feel.

Masculine/Feminine Balance: If someone needs gentle, feminine energy in their life, then working with Rose Quartz can help to stabilize their masculine/feminine balance. It softens the male aggressive energy so it is good for people who want to feel more love and tenderness in their lives. If you know someone who is giving too much of themselves and not replenishing their own inner reservoir, then Rose Quartz can help him/her to invite the feminine receiving energy into his/her life.

Trauma, Crisis, Grief: Due to its calming, reassuring, and nurturing qualities, Rose Quartz offers a comforting energy to those going through times of difficulty. It helps to soothe the emotions as it exudes a blanket of angelic energy that is like an etheric hug from your own higher self, spirit, and soul.

­When to Use

If you are feeling depressed, unloved, or unwanted, Rose Quartz can help to lift your spirits and connect you to your core essence which is unconditional love. It will help you to associate with others and express yourself in an authentic manner. If you are engaging in negative self-talk, or condemning yourself for repeated mistakes, take a deep breath and spend some time with Rose Quartz which helps to increase our self-awareness.

The energetic principles of Rose Quartz can aid you in coming from a higher perspective as it helps to raise your vibration by imbuing the energy of love into your energy field. And love is one of the highest vibrations on this planet.

Self-created obstacles will inhibit the natural alignment to your own higher self or spirit which speaks to you through feelings, hunches, and intuitive insights. Working with Rose Quartz can assist you in restoring the connection with your higher self so that you may make decisions from a place of center and balance.

How to Use

  • Rose Quartz lamps: You may place a lamp in any room of your house. This is one of my favorite ways to use Rose Quartz. I keep one lamp in my meditation room and one in my bedroom. You can also place a lamp in your children’s bedroom. The lamp will act as a soothing night light and help to calm any anxieties.
  • Hold stones during meditations: I hold one stone in each hand while meditating with Rose Quartz. The crystals feel comforting to the palms and the stones may heat up as your meditation progresses.
  • While sleeping: Hold a stone in your hand or place under your pillow. This is especially helpful if you have had a taxing day which has left you feeling stressed and emotionally drained.
  • Keep stone in pocket: You may place a stone in one or both of your pants pockets and keep them there throughout the day. The stone’s presence will cultivate more calmness and patience in your interactions with others and serve as a reminder of the love you carry inside.
  • Wear as jewelry: You may keep Rose Quartz near you at all times by wearing it as a necklace, earrings, bracelet, etc. There are many ways to wear Rose Quartz. You will gravitate towards what your higher self knows is best for you.

Cleaning Your Rose Quartz

When crystals are buried in the earth, they are exposed to earth energies including magnetic and electric energy fields. These energies originate from the inner environment of our planet, the energy grids surrounding our planet, and from energies of the broader Universe, of which our planet Earth is an active member.

In addition to the earth energies, crystals are exposed to human energy fields when they are mined and prepared for public retailers. As the crystals progress through these various stages, they may absorb some of the energies with which they come in contact, both positive and negative.

Therefore, it is important to clean your Rose Quartz upon receiving it and consistently thereafter. The frequency of cleansing will vary depending upon how you use your crystal and how often you are interacting with it. On the safe side, it is a good idea to clean your crystals before and after using them in healing activities. This will maintain the integrity of the crystal so it is in optimal condition for yourself and your clients.

There are almost as many methods for cleansing stones as there are crystals to be cleansed, with different processes that are more suitable for different stones. For rose quartz, there are a variety of methods that will safely cleanse the crystal. I will highlight a few of my favorite methods here.

Bathing the Crystal in Water: Place crystals in a bowl of cold water, avoiding metal vessels. If you soak the rose quartz in cold water you can leave it for up to three days. For salt water, only leave it overnight. I have found that salt water can sometimes be abrasive and cause pitting to the crystal. Therefore, I personally like using pure cold water to clean my crystals.

Smudging: Choose either a sage smudge or incense stick to cleanse the crystal with smoke. Light the incense and allow the smoke to billow and curl around the crystal. Make sure the smoke is able to touch each side or face of the crystal. I typically allow the smoke to billow around the crystal 2-3 times before I am satisfied that it is clean. Your intuition will let you know how long you should smudge the crystal. I personally like to use Nag Champa incense for this purpose.

The Sun and Moon: Place your crystals in a place where they will be fully exposed to the energizing rays of the sun and moon. Even if it is a cloudy day or you cannot see the moon, their rays will invigorate the stones as long as they are directly exposed to these elements of nature. They will normally be cleansed within 24 hours of exposure. The crystals can be cleansed by the sun and moon on a routine basis.

Closing Thoughts

Rose Quartz purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace. It provides a rich sense of personal fulfillment as it helps you to remember your core essence and realign to your own innate love.

There are many ways to use Rose Quartz. It is important that you experiment with this crystal to see what method resonates with you. Just as each person is one-of-a-kind, the Rose Quartz crystals will have a unique gift for you once you start to interact with them. There is plenty of documentation regarding the healing capabilities of Rose Quartz, but working directly with this stone will unlock the treasures that are waiting for you specifically.

Your higher self knows what you need to do in order to open your heart, express your emotions, or enhance your current friendships – whatever the reason you may choose to collaborate with Rose Quartz, it will grant your wish when you allow its magical qualities to touch your life.


Authored by Susan Kapatoes, founder of Inspire Your Journey