By Susan Kapatoes, MHA

Greetings and Namaste! One of the primary focuses of my work is to help people connect to the love that is inside their hearts and souls. You see, we are born with a love that is always present within us because it is our birthright. This love is divine in nature and when expressed through each one of us – through our thoughts, words, and deeds – it becomes grace in action.

But alas, we are human beings and sometimes we forget about this love. And since we can only give to others when our own cup is full, it is part of my responsibility to help you peel back the layers, remove what no longer serves you, and shine a light upon the love that is the very essence of your Soul.

During my work, I have found that people want to be heard, valued, and loved. But where do you go to get these safely? Creating and providing a safe place that supports thoughtful conversation is very important to me. In this type of calm space, you are free to express yourself which is vital to the healing process.

An example of this type of healing occurred with one of my clients while doing an energy clearing on her. During these clearing sessions, I allow Spirit to guide me, always asking for the highest and best outcome for my client.

As this was my client’s first energy clearing, her intention was to simply relax and enjoy the session. I started at her feet allowing her to ease into the experience. As I approached her right arm and shoulder, it was here that she felt the presence of her mother who had recently passed away. My client was very close to her mother, so she was fighting back the tears as she told me about what she was feeling. Her mom was sending love and it was being felt by my client in a very real and tangible way.

At about the same time, my client also felt a heaviness lift from her heart. She believes this lifting was another blessing from her mother. The end result was that my client felt her heart become lighter, more open, and filled with love after experiencing this emotional release.

I continued the session and moved to the upper part of my client’s body where I gently placed my hands under her head. After 3-5 minutes of being present in this position, my client and I both felt a surge of energy sweep through her head, her heart center and upper torso. The energy was being felt as a tingling sensation by my client as it continued to move through her left leg and out her left foot.

This second release was another clearing of my client’s heart center which was very powerful but in a gentle way. I find that energy blockages clear themselves when the client is ready to be healed. As a practitioner, I am only the facilitator in my client’s healing process.

These experiences have consistently demonstrated that the omnipresent energy moving through our infinite universe and circulating inside our bodies has an intelligence that is far more sophisticated than what we can comprehend from our physical level of perception. This energy is not only naturally intelligent; it is made of divine unconditional love which creates a healing atmosphere for all.

There are many factors that go into an energy clearing. The state of mind of the practitioner, the openness of the client, and the dynamics of destiny all play key roles in determining the potential outcome. Ultimately, I believe that the divine will of the individual receiving the energy has the greatest impact on the results.

The practitioner does not in any way attempt to define the medical or psychological needs of a client. Anyone seeking energy treatments who has a medical condition should seek an appropriate medical professional.

The Soul Transformation program that I offer is unique because Spirit guides me to create a customized program just for YOU so that you can create the highest and best version of yourself. I have a variety of services in my spiritual toolbox such as nutritional counseling, stress management techniques to help you release emotional trauma, brainwave entrainment technology, energy clearing, and guided meditations.

The center of my work involves helping people connect to their heart and soul.

When you become aligned with your soul’s love, it is like a piece of the puzzle clicks into place. Because you are now receiving this energy, you may suddenly feel inspired to start a new project, volunteer for one of your favorite organizations, or spend more time with family and loved ones.

Your core essence, or Soul, came from a Divine Source which is made of unconditional love, integrity, kindness, compassion, and understanding.

When you are able to set aside the doubts and are serious about making lasting changes to your health and well-being, nothing will stop you from experiencing the loving presence of your own being because you are the captain of your own ship.

Susan Kapatoes, MHA, CPC, is a nutritionist, holistic health practitioner, and certified professional coach. She is the owner of Inspire Your Journey and is accepting appointments at the SheBreathes Balance & Wellness Studio in Walpole, MA.