NUTRITION:  An Important Key To Your Physical Well-being  

The importance of eating healthy meals should not be underestimated. One of the first action steps that I took when I got serious about my physical wellness was to take a closer look at my nutrition choices, both foods and supplements. One of the easiest ways to improve your diet is to choose organic whenever possible. Amazingly, you can decrease your pesticide exposure by 90% if the majority of your diet consists of organic food choices.   

In regards to supplements, they have also been a key component in restoring my health and vitality. Due to years of synthetic chemical and pesticide use, the condition of our commercial agricultural soil has been steadily degrading which has decreased the vitamin and mineral content in our conventional food sources. Therefore, it is important that you compliment your diet with high quality supplements in order to fill the nutrition gaps.     

I have had great success with Amare Global’s full line of nutrition products that are geared to replenish your gut microbiome and nourish your mental wellness. You can read about my story with Amare and more about these supplements here.

BEMER Therapy:  Improve Your Blood Circulation

PEMF therapy is based on the use of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields which support your body’s natural ability to heal itself. PEMF is another wonderful tool that I would never live without. After experiencing remarkable results with my own hip discomfort and neck issues, it is a must-have in my preventive medicine toolbox.   

The device that I use is BEMER Therapy. I chose BEMER due to its solid science and the fact that the technology is a Class 2 medical device. BEMER has been in existence for 22-years and its technology is being utilized worldwide. BEMER is being used in hospitals, healthcare facilities, and universities across the globe. The technology is being recommended by doctors, physicians, veterinarians, NASA, the NFL Alumni Association, and people from all walks of life. 

The video that I have shared below placed BEMER on the map for its scientific achievement and unsurpassed ability to improve microcirculation. It was taken with a $30 million microscope called Intravital Microscopy. It shows the remarkable effect that BEMER has upon blood flow which is the primary use of PEMF therapy devices. Learn about the benefits of BEMER and the right questions to ask when searching for a PEMF therapy device, here.   

HEALY:  The Next Generation of Frequency Medicine

Healy is a Class 2 medical device TENS unit that is used for the treatment of pain in chronic pain, fibromyalgia, skeletal pain and migraine, as well as for the supportive treatment of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and related sleep disorders. 

In addition to delivering small electrical impulses to the body, what is really amazing is that Healy has a unique, patented Quantum Sensor which does an analysis, tells you which programs you need at that particular moment, and transmits the appropriate frequencies. It is uncannily accurate!

Healy is based on the TimeWaver clinical device. TimeWaver has a medical database of over 300,000 frequencies, compiled by 2000 clinicians working with over 500,000 patients. Healy is a portable, wearable device that accesses this very same database! A person can choose what type of therapy they need, such as sleep, stress reduction, pain, gastrointestinal, lungs, kidney, meridians, mental, emotional, etc. or Healy can perform the analysis for you! 

You can access more information about the Healy wearable device here.  

Please contact Inspire Your Journey, and we will be glad to assist you!


Susan Kapatoes
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The author, Susan Kapatoes, MHA is the founder and owner of Inspire Your Journey, a holistic wellness company. She is a Wellness Partner with Amare Global, and an Independent Distributor with BEMER Therapy and Healy World.  She lives in Massachusetts.  





Type-2 diabetes is one of the most prevalent diseases in the world, affecting approximately 100 million Americans. It is characterized by a condition called insulin resistance, where the body cannot effectively use the hormone insulin to bring glucose (blood sugar) into the cells and muscles for energy. This causes glucose to accumulate in the blood at higher than normal levels, putting people’s health in danger.

Insulin is beneficial for appetite and blood sugar control. It helps transport glucose into the muscle cells to be used primarily for energy; it drives blood sugar to the brain which is the brain’s primary source of energy using about 150 grams/day. Insulin will also drive amino acids into muscle cells for protein synthesis and transport glucose into fat cells for storage.

Stress can interfere with our body’s ability to allow insulin to do its job. When we are under chronic stress, the body is producing high levels of cortisol. High cortisol blocks insulin function causing large fluctuations in blood sugar levels which leads to an imbalanced metabolism: we crave more calories (when blood sugar is low), so we take in more energy, but we’re not burning those calories as efficiently so we’re storing more energy which can also lead to weight gain.

Chronic imbalances with the metabolism eventually cause changes at the cellular level and this is where Amare Global enters the picture.

Mitochondria Fun Facts

Per Dr. Shawn Talbott, Chief Science Officer of Amare Global.

  • The mitochondria are very similar to the microbiome in our gut with its trillions of bacteria. Millions of years ago, the mitochondria were free living bacteria with which our bodies co-evolved.
  • At the present time, mitochondria are not bacteria, they are organelles inside our cells that generate energy. With metabolism, it consistently returns to the individual mitochondria which are the powerhouse of the cell. This where our calories actually get burned and energy is generated for cell metabolism and energy production.
  • If your metabolism is off because your insulin is being blocked, you get a lot of oxidative stress and inflammatory stress which sets off its own cascade of metabolic reactions at the cellular level which can lead to cellular damage.

Improve Stress Resiliency by Lowering Cortisol

Several of Amare Global products will help you to improve your stress resiliency by lowering cortisol. These products support many aspects of metabolism, e.g. MentaBiotics, MOOD+, and SLEEP+ help with appetite/cravings, digestion of food, absorption of nutrients, and improved function of metabolic hormones such as insulin/thyroid/cortisol.

People with diabetes also tend to also have high levels of inflammation, and several Amare products can help the body reduce inflammatory stress such as VitaGBX and OmMEGA.

People report back: “I’m losing weight”, “My appetite is changing”, and “I don’t feel this drive toward junk food anymore.”

These changes are occurring because of the normal restoration of the metabolic profile. The cells and tissues are communicating with each other in their own language which is the language of the hormones. This communication pathway is what we call the “axis.”


Amare Global offers natural solutions for your gut health and mental wellness. Our products help reduce feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression while lessening aches & pains and improving your sleep, diet, energy, and focus. Amare products will help to normalize the axis where the signaling and communication is taking place between the tissues and cells. This signaling is one-part cellular, one-part hormone, and one-part nervous system.

The goal is to lower stress levels as a way to lower cortisol levels so that insulin can do its job without interference from cortisol. The following Amare products can help you to increase your stress resiliency by lowering cortisol: MentaBiotics, MOOD+, SLEEP+, VitaGBX, OmMEGA.


  • Lowering stress and cortisol levels can be done directly in the brain by the effect of Suntheanine which is found in MentaBiotics. Suntheanine has been scientifically shown to increase Alpha brainwaves creating a ‘calm focus’ which helps us to deal with stress more effectively.
  • Probiotic strains matter! The Lactobacillus rhamnosus R11 found in MentaBiotics prepares our body and mind to have an ‘on-demand’ calming effect for stress resiliency (this is different than the Ashwagandha in Mood which has a ‘direct’ calming effect on the nervous system). The end benefit is that you improve your ability to be calm in the face of stress.


  • Key Ingredient is Ashwagandha by Sensoril. Acutely, people feel a calming effect in about one hour. Over the long term, taken as a regular supplement for at least 4 weeks, people start to see a modulation of their entire stress response profile. There is a lowering and normalizing of cortisol with an adjunct rise in anabolic hormones such as DHEA which is a precursor to testosterone.


  • The Corn Grass in SLEEP+ provides a building block for your body’s own synthesis of melatonin. If you need melatonin, your body can use this to make as much as it needs. This means that you don’t wake up with the common ‘melatonin hangover’ the next morning because your body hasn’t fully metabolized the melatonin that you took in supplement form the night before.


  • The phytonutrients within VitaGBX activate a whole series of cellular defense responses (CDRs) which will activate the Nrf2 pathway reducing oxidative stress. VitaGBX also includes nutrients that activate other CDRs including those that reduce inflammation (Nf-kB), increase longevity (SIRT1), enhance metabolism (MTOR), and stimulate cellular cleanup (autophagy). In addition, VitaGBX is a comprehensive formulation of 50+ nutrients including bioavailable vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.  


  • OmMEGA™ is a high-potency, ultrapure blend of EPA and DHA Omega-3 fatty acids that is approximately 70% more omega-3 (EPA/DHA) than standard fish oils. EPA has been shown to protect our genes and cell cycle, reduce aggression, and improve focus and attention. DHA is a major building block of the brain. It greatly impacts cognitive function and may help to improve memory loss.

How to Use the Amare Global Products

Metabolism has a cascade effect throughout our entire body, and there is continuous cross-talk between our hormone systems. From a metabolic perspective, taking Amare’s products will be beneficial for optimizing your caloric expenditure, balancing blood sugar levels, and maintaining your weight control. Because these products are going to change how the hormones communicate with one another, your energy levels, mood, focus, and overall stamina will improve.

It is important to establish proper metabolism at the cellular level first by reducing the oxidative and inflammatory stress. Once we improve cellular function, then we can focus upon the metabolic level, and lastly, we can target the microbiome/gut-brain axis. In this way, we are getting to the root cause first and addressing the stress that is causing the imbalance.


Susan Kapatoes
C: 508-282-7877


The author, Susan Kapatoes, MHA is the founder and owner of Inspire Your Journey, a holistic wellness company. She is a Wellness Partner with Amare Global, and an Independent Distributor with BEMER Therapy and Healy World.  She lives in Massachusetts.  


Resource Links

Amare Global, MentaBiotics, MOOD+, SLEEP+, VitaGBX, OmMEGA


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 By Susan Kapatoes, MHA

The morning meals that I consume on a daily basis are vital to maintaining my gut health. Research shows that the health of your gut microbiome, which is made up of trillions of bacteria, fungi and other microbes, directly impacts your overall body health and state of mental wellness.

Most of your gut microbes are found in your large intestine and they are collectively referred to as the gut microbiome. These bacteria play a very important role in your health by helping to improve digestion and boost your immune system.

Your gut also has its own nervous system and contains more than 100 million neurons. Your gut and your brain are constantly in communication with each other. They can influence the chemistry of your mood, emotions, immune system, and long-term health. Once I started to pay more attention to my stomach and my dietary lifestyle, I noticed substantial improvements in a few different areas of my health. We are all aware when our tummy does not feel good, but do you notice when it feels great?

There are three major changes that I have observed since tweaking my diet. I now consume more fruits and vegetables, eat very little added sugar, have decreased my meat and dairy consumption, and take gut boosting supplements on a daily basis. This combination of eating a healthy diet plus taking high quality gut microbiome supplements has made a big difference in my life; I simply feel better, my stomach is calm, my mind is clearer, and my body has been improved on a physical level. Here’s what I noticed:

First, there was an immediate change in the quality and frequency of my bowel movements (BM’s). I became more regular on a daily basis, and regularity is essential for health. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed a change in my body’s metabolism. It is not what it used to be. I realize now that I have to be very careful with my diet if I want to have a pleasant experience in the bathroom. When the majority of my calories are coming from whole fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts on any given day, then I am fine.

Second, my sugar cravings have decreased since I made the decision to consume very little sugar in my diet. When you crave sugar and start eating junk food instead of choosing a healthy alternative, this decision sets off a chain reaction in your body that has you wanting more and more junk food. You never truly feel satisfied because that unhealthy food is made of empty, non-nutrient calories.

Third, and perhaps most significantly, I now have a much cleaner tongue. I know that sounds like an odd thing to admit, but having a white tongue has always been a pet peeve of mine. I had tried countless remedies over the years and nothing worked. I had given up hope of ever having a truly clean tongue, but alas, this combination of modifying my diet plus taking the gut microbiome supplements has finally made the difference. Ironically, this was not the goal when I ventured onto the road of gut health, but having a clean tongue has been a surprising benefit. When you have a clean tongue on a consistent basis, you know you are doing something right!

Here are two morning recipes for a protein smoothie and a bowl of oatmeal that will boost your gut microbiome and taste good too. I have these nourishing foods every morning, which are a great way to start your day.

Morning Protein Shake

This delicious shake is gluten-free and dairy-free. The banana adds a nice consistency.

8 oz organic unsweetened cocunt milk
2 sprigs fresh parsley
1/2 banana
Handful mixed berries
1 tsp seed fiber
1 scoop vanilla protein
1 scoop probiotic powder

Place all ingredients in a blender. Blend on high for 1-2 minutes. Enjoy!

Morning Oatmeal

I look forward to this nourishing bowl of warmth every morning. It tastes great and is packed with superb nutrition.

1/4 c organic quick cook steel cut oats
1/4 c water
Handful frozen wild blueberries
1 tsp superfood powder

Cook the oatmeal according to instructions. Add the blueberries & superfood powder. Enjoy!

Improve Your Gut Health

Taking care of yourself begins with the quality of your dietary lifestyle and the supplementation that you are consuming on a regular basis. Amare understands that the health of your gut also affects the state of your mental wellness. The gut-brain axis (GBX) is the biochemical signaling that takes place between the gastrointestinal tract and the central nervous system, i.e. it is the communication highway between your gut and your brain.

My own health has been transformed by taking Amare’s high-quality nutrition products. I have been in the nutrition field since the 1990’s and have tried MANY different types of supplements, probiotics, vitamins, and protein powders. I am taking Amare’s products because they work and they are HIGH QUALITY. These are the supplements that I am taking right now:

  • Fundamentals Pack  – complete nutrition for your gut, your brain, and your gut-brain axis.
  • GBX Protein – sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, dairy-free, soy-free, and TASTES AMAZING!
  • GBX SeedFiber100% bioavailable seed powder to get that extra boost of FIBER.
  • GBX SuperFood – sugar-free fruit and veggie powder that tastes great. Excellent for kids who don’t like their veggies!

Once you commit to a healthy eating routine, it will become easier and easier to follow. I have realized that eating healthy begins with having a healthy mindset. Once you have made up your mind that you want to feel better, you will continue to make smart food choices because you are literally rewiring your brain and your gut to make wiser decisions.

I am available for your support and to answer any questions you may have, so please reach out!

Susan Kapatoes

Susan Kapatoes, MHA is the founder and owner of Inspire Your Journey, a holistic wellness company. She is a Wellness Partner with Amare Global, the Mental Wellness Company, and an Independent Distributor with BEMER Therapy. She lives in Massachusetts.