Simple Ways You Can Bring Joy Into Your Life

Simple Ways You Can Bring Joy Into Your Life

Joy is the inner expression of happiness. We all need joy in our lives in some form or another. Experiencing moments of happiness, pleasure, and joy helps lower stress levels and gives us the ability to show up for ourselves and our loved ones. Check out these simple ways you can bring joy into your life.

Challenge Yourself

Think of a project or a skill you want to learn. Taking some time every day to practice, whether it’s hours or a few minutes, can get you closer to a goal you’ve always wanted to accomplish. Mastering a skill or finishing a project you’ve been putting off will give you better self-esteem and a sense of pride.

Get Inspired

Engaging in creative pursuits can bring more pleasure into your life. Allowing the world to inspire you can make you more creative and will open your worldview. Participate in activities that maybe you meant to try, but you haven’t taken the plunge, like meditation, a dance class, or performing. Don’t be afraid to explore any avenue that sparks your interest.

Treat Yourself

You can also find ways to reward yourself after a hard day at work or celebrate an accomplishment. We reward others and celebrate their milestones easily, but it can sometimes be hard to justify a reward or gift for ourselves. But it doesn’t have to be lavish or even cost money at all. Even treating yourself with inexpensive items, like cookies or a nap, is a way of telling yourself you deserve nice things, too.

Engage in Play

Setting goals is nice, but so is playing for the sake of playing. We shouldn’t base everything in our lives on productivity. Set some time aside to play purely for enjoyment. Play with your dog, draw a picture even though you’re not a good artist, or take a break from working to dance to your favorite song for a few minutes.

All these simple ways to bring joy into your life are attainable—right now, even. Which do you think you’ll try today?


Authored by Inspire Your Journey