PEMF Therapy, Science, and Tech Lovers: A Perfect Combination

BEMER PEMF Therapy is a patented FDA Class II Medical Device designed to enhance local blood flow, fitness, & vitality. By improving microvascular perfusion (blood flow through the microvessels) and tissue oxygenation, BEMER supports the body’s innate ability to self-regulate itself. BEMER Therapy has been researched with 23 years of scientific validation.

What makes BEMER unique?

  • BEMER is the only Class 2 PEMF Therapy device on the market today
  • BEMER is scientifically validated in PubMed
  • BEMER’s patented technology is unsurpassed in its ability to stimulate blood flow

The Scientific Validation  

Stimulating Blood Flow Within the Microvessels

BEMER’s ability to stimulate blood flow within the microvessels is due to its patented Multidimensional Sinusoidal Waveform that is carried by a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF). This waveform acts upon the smooth muscle of the microvasculature, stimulating vasomotion at the microcapillary level. The improved vasomotion enhances the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide within each cell, along with the exchange of nutrients and waste products from the cells.

Additional Resources for a Curious Mind  

Experience BEMER For Yourself 

Experience BEMER Therapy in the comfort of your own home or healthcare practice through my BEMER Rental Program. By renting a BEMER medical device, you can use this technology to experience the results for yourself and entire family.

Recap and Summary

The most important aspect of your cellular health and, therefore, your overall health is microcirculation. No other PEMF Therapy device has the unique BEMER Signal, the BEMER delivery configuration, and the scientific validation documented in PubMed Research Journals.


Authored by Susan Kapatoes, founder of Inspire Your Journey.