Natural Remedies for Pain Relief

Natural Remedies for Pain Relief

If you struggle with chronic pain or have received an injury that seems intent on lingering, you needn’t always turn to prescription medication or common pain relief medications. In fact, there are natural remedies for pain relief that are effective, easy to use, and even enjoyable.

Heat and Ice

The most common natural remedy for pain relief, which is applying heat and ice to wounds, shouldn’t be underestimated—it’s a matter of ensuring you use the two correctly. Apply ice when you need to soothe inflammation and swelling from injuries, such as strained muscles or tendons. The cold can also reduce chronic headaches.

Heat, however, better reduces stiffness from injuries like sprains and cramps by loosening up the muscles you apply the heat to. Those suffering from arthritis will also find relief by applying heat to the afflicted joint.

CBD Products

As of 2018, the cultivation and extraction of hemp have been completely legalized, meaning CBD has become more commonplace. It is quickly rising in popularity as a way to relieve stress, anxiety, and (most importantly) pain. CBD comes in many forms, making it a highly versatile form of pain relief. These forms include topicals, which can be applied directly to the skin or—most enjoyably—as a CBD edible when baked into your favorite foods. Because edibles are among the most popular ways to take CBD, make sure you take into consideration the dosage of your CBD edibles.

Release Your Endorphins

Your body has its own natural form of pain relief called endorphins. They work to bind with opioid receptors to lessen or entirely block your perception of pain. To get these endorphins to work, however, you need to find ways to increase your body’s natural production of endorphins. The most common way to do this is by increasing your blood flow with simple cardio exercises, like taking a walk or going for a jog. However, if you get into a more serious workout routine, you’ll see long-term benefits. You will both increase the number of endorphins being released into your system and gradually improve your body by eliminating tension in the muscles and loosening your joints.

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