Items You Need To Stop Throwing in the Garbage

Items You Need To Stop Throwing in the Garbage

Before you throw that old computer or worn shirt in the trash, give it a second thought. Electronics, clothing, medical waste, and more are among the many items you need to stop throwing in the garbage. Not only are these items bad for the environment, but some are also hazardous.

Plastic Bags

What do you do with all the plastic bags you get after a long day of shopping? By tossing these bags in the trash, you risk unintentionally polluting the earth. They can easily get caught in trees or cause harm to wildlife.

Instead of tossing your plastic grocery bags, see if your local stores recycle them—many retailers have bins to collect used bags so that they can dispose of them properly.


It’s not uncommon for people to toss old phones or laptops in the trash when they quit working or a newer model comes out. However, businesses that improperly dispose of old computers and other equipment could receive a fine as a result.

Residents and businesses should dispose of old electronics by dropping them off at their local recycling center. There are many reasons businesses hire e-waste companies to dispose of this type of waste for them. For instance, if a business is upgrading their technology, they’ll need to wipe all information from hard drives to protect the company’s security—a good recycling company does this.


Instead of tossing old clothes in the trash, donate or sell them to give them a new life. If clothing is too worn-out to give away or sell, try to repurpose it by using it as a cleaning rag or creating other items with it, such as purses or quilts.

Medical Waste

Whether you’re dealing with an insulin syringe or old medication, these items should not go in the trash. Needles and other sharp objects pose a danger to animals and people if they make their way into a landfill.

You can dispose of medical supplies and unneeded medication by visiting your county’s solid waste office. Visit a pharmacy to dispose of medicine appropriately. Pharmacists will properly dispose of the material to prevent possible drug abuse or harm to the environment.


One of the most common items you need to stop throwing in the garbage is food! Tossing food is wasteful—if it’s natural, scraps can feed animals or become compost. Reduce your ecological footprint and harness gardening skills by starting to compost. You’ll ensure food never goes to waste and help keep landfills clearer for a happy earth!


Authored by Inspire Your Journey