How To Use Honey for Home Remedies

How To Use Honey for Home Remedies

While honey is known for its sweet taste on biscuits and treats, this syrup is also a highly effective and natural remedy to treat irritation, inflammation, other common conditions. Using honey to heal your wounds and illnesses at home is safe, simple, and incredibly soothing. If you are interested in learning ways to use this common pantry item to heal your body naturally, continue reading our blog on how to use honey for home remedies.

Treat Burns

Bad burns can cause extreme pain and quickly become dangerous if you don’t treat them. Raw honey works as a highly effective topical treatment to soothe burnt skin and keep wounds clean. Honey has natural antibacterial properties and a low pH, which allows it to kill off possible infections while covering vulnerable skin to keep it safe from outside bacteria.

The moist texture of honey also promotes faster healing for skin burns and wounds because it stabilizes dry and damaged skin during the recovery process. While honey can help to soothe painful burning and prevent infection, be sure to see a medical professional if you experience severe burns or pain.

Soothe Coughs

You may have heard of using honey as a home remedy when you are sick with the common cold. A little honey goes a long way toward soothing even the most brutal of sore throats and coughs. The antibacterial properties in honey combine with its thick texture and consistency to coat irritated and inflamed throats while killing off bacterial infections. Adding a small teaspoon of honey to tea or a warm glass of water can also alleviate throat pain to calm persistent coughing. For the best healing results, considering mixing honey with a calming tea like chamomile to encourage restful sleep for faster recovery.

Revitalize Dry Skin

Although honey may taste sweet, it contains far more than just simple sugars. In fact, honey is incredibly nutrient-rich with vitamins and minerals, including calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium, and zinc. Adding honey to your daily diet can supplement these nutrients to help keep your body balanced and healthy. If you suffer from persistent dry and itchy skin, honey can also soothe skin irritation and replenish moisture to your epidermis with these beneficial nutrients.

Although many people throw away their honey when it begins to crystalize, crystallized honey is perfectly normal and still a powerful remedy to use for dry skin. Mixing crystallized honey with olive oil and brown sugar can create a strong exfoliant to remove dead skin cells and replenish moisture.

Although honey is not a cure to any condition, its natural vitamins and minerals promote healing to make recoveries less painful. The next time you suffer from a common condition and need a simple home remedy, consider grabbing a jar of honey from your pantry to make your medicine sweeter.


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