How To Unlock The Keys To Your Good Health

In contemporary times, the terms microcosm and macrocosm are used to refer to any smaller system that is representative of a larger one, and vice versa. We can apply this principle to the human body. Our cells being the microcosm and our physical organism being the macrocosm. Learn about the health of your cells, the importance of blood flow, and what you can do to improve your stamina & well-being.

The Health of Your Cells

Our cells respirate on a daily basis. In biology, respiration is the process involving the production of energy. Everyday, each and every one of our cells takes in oxygen, receives nutrients, then releases, i.e. poops, the metabolic waste out of the cell. The waste is then removed from the body via sweat, urine, or feces. This process of cellular respiration happens over and over again. Each cell in our body breathes (takes in oxygen), eats (absorbs nutrients), then defecates (expels the waste). Sound familiar? The human body performs this mechanism every single day in order to stay alive.  

Microcosm and Macrocosm

The process of respiration is how the microcosm (cellular respiration) reflects the macrocosm (bodily health). It stands to reason that if each of our cells is not performing its daily activities optimally, then our health is going to suffer. In order for the cells to conduct their daily activities, optimal blood flow is imperative. Why? It is blood that brings oxygen and nutrients to our cells and removes metabolic waste. Specifically, it is the blood in the small veins/arteries that is responsible for these daily activities. This blood makes up our microcirculation and interacts directly with our cells.

Vasomotion is the Key

Optimal blood flow equates to healthy cells which equates to a vibrant bodily system. Vasomotion is the contraction and expansion of the blood vessel walls within our microcirculation. It is this contraction and expansion that moves the majority of blood throughout our body since 75% of blood flows through our small veins/arteries, i.e. microvessels. Vasomotion is very efficient when it is working properly. 

Blood Flow Efficiency As We Age

In a healthy person, vasomotion happens at a rate of 3-5x every minute. In an unhealthy or elderly person, this pumping rate slows down to 3-5x every ten minutes. Less-than-optimal vasomotion equates to slower blood flow which has a major impact upon health. Vasomotion is controlled by neurotransmitters and hormones which naturally decline as we age.


State of HealthVasomotion Rate
Healthy3-5x every minute
Unhealthy/Elderly3-5x every ten minutes


How to Improve Your Stamina

There is a very effective tool that helps to improve microcirculation and vasomotion. It is called PEMF therapy. BEMER is a type of PEMF therapy regulated as an FDA Class II medical device. It is very easy to use. You simply lie down on a mat or use the smaller applicators to spot treat specific areas of the body. We offer a rental program which allows you to experience the benefits of BEMER therapy in the comfort of your own home. Please reach out for more details. 

Authored by Susan Kapatoes, founder of Inspire Your Journey.    


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