How To Spend More Time Outside This Spring

How To Spend More Time Outside This Spring

Are you getting enough fresh air, vitamin D, and physical activity in your daily routine? For many people, the answer is no. Work, errands, families, and other responsibilities create a busy schedule, which means you’re not always able to take care of yourself. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to gain these and many other benefits: spend more time outside. How do you fit more outdoor time into your daily routine? Whether you’re exercising, having fun, or simply taking the time to step outside and smell the roses, time outside can benefit your mood, energy levels, and immune system. Here are just a few fun ideas for how to spend more time outside this spring.

Move Your Morning Routine

What do your mornings look like? You might sit down for a quick but healthy breakfast or make yourself a cup of tea or coffee. Perhaps you take a few minutes for some morning stretches to wake yourself up. No matter what your morning routine consists of, there’s a good chance you can move part of it outside. Eat breakfast or drink your coffee in front of the sunrise. Go through your morning stretches while enjoying the fresh air and birdsong. Stepping outside creates a peaceful start to the day and helps you get ready for anything.

Explore the Neighborhood

Not everyone has time for a daily workout routine. Besides, after a long day, sometimes you just want to unwind. Fortunately, one of the best ways to spend more time outside this spring lets you accomplish both at the same time. A quick walk is a great way to get in some light exercise and take a little bit of time for yourself. You can make a lap around the neighborhood in the morning or when you get home from work. Make good use of your breaks throughout the day by taking a stroll outside. This is also a great time to reflect on the events of the day or listen to music. If you’re feeling social, you can bring a friend and catch up while spending time outside together. Walks are also an easy activity to do while social distancing.

Take up Gardening

There are plenty of outdoor hobbies to try, but gardening is one of the most rewarding options. The benefits of starting your own garden are endless. In addition to spending more time outside, you can get in touch with the natural world and cultivate something wonderful. If you choose to grow herbs or vegetables, you’ll also have access to nutritious homegrown foods. Gardening allows you to give back to the environment, especially if you create a bee-friendly garden to welcome local pollinators. You’ll be able to express yourself any way you want through the things you grow and the time you spend in your garden.


Authored by Inspire Your Journey