How To Know When You Need a Break From Work

How To Know When You Need a Break From Work

No matter how much we enjoy our jobs, burnout happens at some point. We can only give so much before needing to step away for a bit. Watch for the signs you need a break from work, so you’ll know when to pause for a while and come back refreshed.

Frequently Sick

Try as we may to be superhuman, our bodies know when we’ve had enough. Stress and burnout lead to a breakdown of our immune systems, which leads to illness. When you can’t stay healthy for long periods of time, it’s time to take some time off.

Frustrated Often

It’s normal for frustration to happen occasionally on the job. However, if frustration has become a part of your daily routine, it’s one of the signs you need a break from work.

Low Energy

Burnout can make you feel like you have zero energy—no matter how much sleep you get. You’ll be exhausted and crave naps at every opportunity. Exhaustion and low energy are a result of too much stress. Recover by taking time away from work and catching up on your sleep.

Lack of Focus

When your focus is gone, you aren’t doing the company any good. When you can’t focus, you become exhausted over simple tasks, and your memory is terribly short and scattered. This lack of focus and a sign of burnout. It’s time to take some time away.

Poor Performance

Perhaps the worst product of burnout is poor performance. Rather than being the result of an unqualified employee, it’s usually the result of an employee who does too much.

When performance is down, it can feel like we must stay and work. However, taking some time away will help us get back to our normal selves again so we can perform well.

Feeling Withdrawn

Withdrawal is another sign of burnout. If you started your job feeling energetic and you couldn’t wait to socialize with your coworkers, and you now do everything you can to avoid socializing, you’re experiencing burnout.

All of the signs we mentioned sometimes lead us to believe it’s the worst time to take a break from work. After all, most of these symptoms lead to us not doing as well as we usually do.

You’ve earned your PTO and it’s there for a reason: to give you a break. There are times in each company when stepping away isn’t a good idea. Still, there are plenty of times when it’s safe to leave and come back refreshed. Consider the timing, your performance, and how the company is doing before taking time off. Always remember that your physical and mental health comes first.


Authored by Inspire Your Journey