How To Give Back to Your Parents

How To Give Back to Your Parents

We spend our childhoods developing boundaries and stepping further into independence from our parents. So, as time passes and we become used to not seeing them regularly, it’s easy to deprioritize your relationship. With that same adulthood independence, though, comes the ability to recognize that parents need the same assurances and emotional affection that we do. We know that our parents will not always be around for us to check in on, ask for advice, or reminisce with at convenient moments. Keep these ideas on how to give back to your parents in mind next time you find yourself wondering how your parents are doing.

Keep Connected

Though cliché, keeping in contact with a parent is one of the best things you can do to show them your appreciation. A phone call, check-in text, or even an email that lets your parents know how you’re doing and asks them about their well-being too is a nice way to communicate that you’re thinking about them. Ensuring that your parents know what times they can reach out to you as well can assuage any guilt they may have about interrupting your day and help you set aside time to focus on maintaining that bond.

Offer Help Often

Even if you live far away from your parents, it’s good to offer help when you feel it’s reasonable. Though you may not need to have an active presence in your parent’s life now, building an understanding that you’re invested in their welfare and are a resource they can rely on prepares you and your parents for a potential caregiving relationship in the future. Assisting with moves and technological issues or even just letting your parent casually vent to you about their lives develops trust and helps you understand the needs and capabilities of each other.

Celebrate Their Accomplishments

Another way to give back to your parents is to celebrate with them beyond family holiday get-togethers. Remembering birthdays, anniversaries, and other meaningful events to your parents and celebrating them demonstrates that you value what’s important to them. While you may not be present for their birthdays or invade their wedding anniversary dates, you can reach out and congratulate them or send a gift. Moreover, you can think of many other ways to celebrate their special day.

Investing in your parents’ well-being is beneficial for you too. This foundational relationship is not as zero-obligation as it may seem. And though the bond between parent and child is difficult to break, it’s still a great thing to dedicate time to maintain. When your parents are no longer around, you’ll be glad you reached out and spent time with them now.


Authored by Inspire Your Journey