How To Connect With Your Higher Wisdom

Higher wisdom is generally regarded as that part of ourselves which is connected to a power greater than ourselves. Coming from a spiritual perspective, Higher wisdom can be likened to our soul which is integrated into the human body via our bioenergetic field. Our Higher wisdom has knowledge to help with everyday challenges or topics such as the purpose of Life.

Our Higher wisdom communicates via gut feelings, flashes of insight, and intuitive hunches. This energy is anchored within our heart center, making it is the overseer of our life. Because this wisdom possesses a heightened awareness that is always present, we can tune into this awareness and pay attention to its guidance.

Canoeing in a River

Picture yourself in a canoe rowing down a winding river. There are so many twists and turns in this river that you cannot see around the bends. As you approach each bend, you keep rowing. Sometimes you are pleasantly surprised when you see calm waters in front of you; other times you are taken aback when you find yourself in the middle of a turbulent current that you did not anticipate. The person in this canoe is your everyday typical self.

Now imagine that you are flying in a helicopter looking down upon this scene. You can see yourself rowing in the canoe, but now you can see every twist and turn that is laid out before your journey. You can see how far you have traveled, and how far you have to go before reaching your final destination. You are able to perceive the fullness of time: past, present, and future. The person in the helicopter is your Higher wisdom.

Then you come upon a split in the river and you have to make a choice. One choice will take you to the higher path of altruism, service-to-others, empathy, love, joy, and contentment – the other choice will lead you to a lower path of selfishness, discord, fear, judgement, anger, and unhappiness. When you are at a crossroads in life and not sure which path to take, this is when it is time to connect with the guidance of your Higher wisdom.

Connecting With Your Higher Wisdom

  • Gut Feelings: To put it simply, if something doesn’t feel right then it isn’t. This is illustrated by the phenomenon of situational awareness in which we can meet someone and immediately sense their energy. There could be a distinct air of tension or a feeling of comfort and ease. Sometimes we like that person, or we might feel repelled.
  • Flashes of Insight: When I was selling my condominium, I couldn’t decide upon an asking price. As I was discussing this topic with my fiance, the number 245 suddenly flashed before my eyes. I knew then that I was to ask $245K which is the exact amount of money that I received from the sale. Flashes of insight occur without warning.
  • Intuitive Hunches: Subtle nudges towards something. We all get those inner cues to go to a particular store, attend a certain event, call a certain person, or just stay at home and enjoy the family. Listen to those nudges as this is your Higher wisdom speaking to you and trying to get you to pay attention.


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The author, Susan Kapatoes MHA, is the founder of Inspire Your Journey, a health and wellness company. Services include a BEMER Rental Program, Wearable Health Technology, and Amare Global nutrition products. She lives in Massachusetts.