How To Change Your Home’s Feng Shui

How To Change Your Home’s Feng Shui

When you don’t feel in touch with your surroundings, that lack of connection can bring your mood down. Maximizing the feng shui in your house is a good starting point to feeling more content and balanced with the space around you. If you’ve recently found yourself in a decorating rut, consider this guide on how to change your home’s feng shui.

What Does Feng Shui Mean?

In simple terms, the Chinese concept of feng shui highlights the relationship between a person and their immediate environment. Feng shui is the art of rearranging interior features to promote the best possible flow of positive chi within a space. Many interior designers have incorporated this idea into their practices to maximize positive energy in the various areas they’re designing.

How To Implement Feng Shui at Home

Implementing feng shui at home is well worth the effort, as it can provide a harmonious feeling between you and your surroundings. To change your home’s feng shui, abide by the following practices:

Know the Commanding Position and Which Furnishings It Applies To

The “commanding position” is an instrumental element of feng shui. For a furnishing to reflect a commanding position, it must face the main entryway of the room. Your home’s beds and desks should face the doorways, though they don’t have to be strictly in line with it. The reasoning behind this is that doorways are considering the “mouths of chi,” or portals for energy to enter your home. Because not all rooms are laid out in a way that allows desks or beds to face the door, you can utilize a mirror to reflect the entryway.

Furthermore, since they’re the mouths of chi, doors and entryways should never appear cluttered.

Make Thoughtful Color Choices

In feng shui, color represents five different natural elements: fire, earth, metal, wood, and water. Each element offers characteristics that contribute to a balance in nature. There are many easy ways to add color to your room to reflect the elements’ traits, so long as you’re mindful about your color selection. Here’s what each natural element and its associated colors are known to provide:

  • Fire: passion, recognition, motivation
  • Earth: stability, self-love, self-care
  • Metal: clarity, precision, direction
  • Wood: newness, connectedness, life energy
  • Water: wisdom, tranquility

By being cognizant of your rooms’ feng shui, you can really optimize your home’s good vibes and welcoming nature. With a few mindful decorating adjustments, you can truly turn your home into a haven.


Authored by Inspire Your Journey