5 Activities To Help Keep Cool in the Summertime

5 Activities To Help Keep Cool in the Summertime

It may be hard to imagine escaping the heat in the middle of summer, but you can do it. If you plan out the right time of day and activities that won’t allow you to become overheated, you can survive the brutal dog days of summer. These are five activities to help keep cool in the summertime so that you can do just that!

Mountain Climbing

If you find the opportunity to travel, reserve a cabin for a vacation where you can hike through the mountainside this summer. Mountain climbing and hiking are the perfect ways to beat the heat without overexerting yourself. You can go at your own pace and stay cool while you do it. And when you get home, you’ll feel refreshed and ready for your next big adventure.

Morning Bike Riding

If you get up early enough and the dew is still on the grass, you’ll notice that these are the coolest temperatures you’ll have all day long. There’s usually less going on at this time of day, too. So if you have a bicycle, you can get your morning workout in without the stress and pressure of getting around other folks. This is the perfect way to enjoy your morning.


If there were a perfect activity for hot weather, swimming would be at the top of the list. Not everyone likes swimming, but it sure beats the sweltering heat, no matter if it’s a pool, a lake, or a river. You will find the serenity you need in the water, where it’s always cool. As a bonus, you will feel relaxed for most of the day after you get out since water has a natural way of relaxing the body.

Reading in the Shade

Maybe you need the ultimate break of not doing anything but working out your brain for a while. That’s perfectly acceptable in high-temperature weather like we experience in the summer. One activity you might invest your time in is setting up a hammock under a nice pair of shady trees with a book. It’s always several degrees cooler under a tree, and you’ll have a breeze to cool you off. Pair this with a cold beverage of your choice, and you’ll be living it up in the summertime.

Jog in the Twilight

Much like taking the morning bike ride, you might enjoy those cooler evening temperatures if you’re not an early bird. As the sun goes down, you will notice that the temperatures will also drop significantly. So as long as you stay hydrated before and after your jog, you should be able to get out and stretch your legs so that you can relax and sleep well afterward.

This has been a list of five activities to help keep cool in the summertime. You can always add or subtract from the list if you want, but this is a simple guideline to help you get started.


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