Different Ways To Enjoy Low-Impact Exercises

Different Ways To Enjoy Low-Impact Exercises

When it comes to exercising, people often think about generic practices, from weight lifting to running to HIIT workouts. However, movement comes in many forms. It also varies in intensity and impact.

High-impact exercises quickly escalate your heart rate, burn more calories in a short amount of time, and often involve more intensity. Low-impact exercises offer more joint support than their counterpart, minimizing the strain and stress on more sensitive body parts. However, they still get the heart pumping, muscles strengthened, and the body moving. Plus, they offer both high- and low-intensity movements.

Whether you prefer to take things slow, want to wean yourself into moving your body more, or require added support, low-impact exercises may be a perfect fit for you. Here are three different ways to enjoy low-impact exercises and alternative ways to get physically active.

Gentle Yoga Flows

Gentle and slow yoga flows, like Hatha or Vinyasa, provide low-impact movements. They focus on increasing your strength, working with your breath, stretching your muscles, building your core, and improving flexibility and balance. Compared to other forms of yoga, gentle flows hold positions longer, aim for deeper stretches, and encourage you to move slower. It works your joints but applies minimal impact. Plus, yoga allows you to work on your mind as well as your body, providing a two-in-one healthy habit.

Electric Bike Riding

Cycling, in general, reigns as one of the most popular types of low-impact exercise. It keeps your feet off the ground and eliminates collisions with hard surfaces, removing pressure from your joints while still allowing them to move.

Like many other forms of physical activity, cycling comes in many variations. Electric bikes offer numerous health benefits, including assisted low-impact movement. Its electric component and motor give you and your bike extra momentum and an added push, relieving applied force against your joints. It makes certain movements a lot easier, allowing you to move your body longer without overstraining it.

Aquatic Exercises

Take your workouts into the pool for added bouncy and less joint pressure. Aquatic exercises, like swimming and water aerobics, allow you to move without the strain or impact of working against gravity. The water provides impact relief while also simultaneously providing resistance, forcing your muscles to work a little harder without the risk of hurting your bones or joints. As a bonus, aquatic exercises allow you to stay refreshed and exercise with various fun water equipment, from pool noodles to aqua dumbbells.

Enjoy the benefits of physical activity without putting your joints and bones at risk with these three low-impact exercises. Whether you decide to slow down with a yoga flow, ride an electric bike, or take things to the pool, each of these exercise forms allows you to stay fit and maintain your health, even with some physical ailments. Plus, they add more entertainment to the mix compared to doing cardio and other workouts in a gym.


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