by Sue Kapatoes, MHA, CPC

What is the Higher Self?

Your higher self or your spirit, is the real You who communicates to you through gut feelings, insights, and intuitive hunches. Your higher self is anchored within your heart center and always connected to you. It is the overseer of your life. It can see the bigger picture when you cannot because our perspective is limited while residing in a physical body.

The higher self is wise because it figuratively and literally has a higher perspective. It is not impacted by the ups-and-downs of daily life which stimulate emotions. It lives as a pure being in a continuously expanded state. It observes the events of our lives without judgement and provides unconditional love for us whenever we need it.

Canoeing in a River

Picture yourself in a canoe rowing down a winding river. There are many twists and turns in this river, and you cannot see around the bends. As you approach each bend, you keep rowing; sometimes you are pleasantly surprised when you see calm waters in front of you; other times you are taken aback when you find yourself in the middle of a turbulent current that you did not anticipate. The person in the canoe is your physical self.

Now imagine you are flying in a helicopter looking down upon this scene. You can see yourself rowing in the canoe, but now you can see every twist and turn that is laid out before your journey. You see how far you have traveled, and how far you have to go before reaching your final destination. You are able to perceive the fullness of time: past, present, and future. The person in the helicopter is your higher self.

You may come upon a split in the river and have a choice to make. One choice will take you to the higher path of love, compassion, and joy – the other choice will lead you towards a lower path strewn with fear, judgement, and anger. This is where your higher self comes into play, for it will always try to guide you to the higher path.

The Higher Perspective

Higher Self – Expanding and extending throughout the Universe.
Gut Feelings – Bridge connecting higher self and physical self.
I – Your physical self with limited third dimensional perspective.


How Does the Higher Self Communicate?

Our spirit constantly speaks to us through dreams, hunches, intuitive insights, and most of all, feelings. It wants us to pay attention to its continual presence. The key is to listen to those inner cues because they are trying to guide us towards the path that will be the most beneficial for us at the time.

  • Gut Feelings: They are more like a knowing. To put it simply, if something doesn’t feel right then it isn’t. We know this on an intuitive level. This is illustrated by the phenomenon of situational awareness in which someone can enter a room of people and immediately sense their energy. There could be a distinct air of tension among the group or a flow of positive energy reflecting a comfortable ease with one another. We have this sensory capability because the energy field surrounding our body interprets the energy field of another person instantly, before our brain even has the chance to process the situation.
  • Flashes of Insight: Downloads of information that are helpful. When I was trying to sell my condominium, I was debating about what to charge and could not decide upon a final price. When my fiancé and I were having a discussion about this topic, the number 245 suddenly appeared in my mind’s eye. I immediately knew that I was to charge $245K which is the exact amount that I received from the sale of my condo in 2017.
  • Intuitive Hunches: Subtle nudges towards something. We all get those inner cues to go to a particular store, attend a certain event, or just stay home and enjoy the family. Listen to those nudges as your higher self is speaking to you and trying to get you to pay attention.

How to Connect to Your Higher Self

Your higher self is always with you, but if you would like a stronger connection to help you navigate the avenues of life with greater ease and enjoyment, then you may follow these steps as a way to improve your connection:

  • Set Your Intention – Create an intention to have a stronger connection to your higher self and state it as often as you wish. I recommend to say it out loud as your voice carries a frequency that will magnify the power of your intention.
  • Listen to the Guidance – Once you ask to receive guidance from your higher self, it is important to listen, accept, and allow the wisdom to saturate your consciousness. It is very easy to shrug off a nudge, impulse, or gut feeling.
  • Implement the Guidance – Take the appropriate action to implement the guidance as you receive it.

Note: You know you are being guided by your higher self by the way that you feel. If you are feeling positive emotion, i.e. inspired, uplifted, or motivated, then your guidance is moving you in the right direction. You don’t always know the final outcome of a situation, but if your choices feel right, then they are supporting your movement forward.

The Benefits

  • Opens Doorways – When you are in alignment with your higher self, this connection opens doorways for higher knowledge to enter your consciousness which might otherwise be blocked from your awareness.
  • Support from the Higher Realms – The more attention we give to our higher self and implement its guidance, the more we are supported in our endeavors from the higher realms which means that the communication signals become stronger and clearer.
  • Clearer Understanding – Change is the Law of Nature. Being in alignment with our higher self does not mean there won’t be difficulties or challenges in our lives. Our understanding will continue to grow and evolve, allowing us to see obstacles as opportunities for growth.

Trust & Courage    

When you receive guidance from your Higher Self, it will take trust and courage to follow its advice, especially if you are just starting to become aware of the signs and signals. It is helpful to think of your connection with your higher self as any other relationship that you want to nourish and become stronger.

For example, if you want to build a stable relationship with your significant other, then you would show him or her how you care by the way you treat them. Your words, your intentions, and most of all, your actions will support or hinder the strength of this important connection.

In an ideal relationship, the energy that you share with another person is the energy that will be reciprocated back to you. This dynamic interchange is how it works with your higher self. If you are listening, paying attention, and following the guidance, then your Higher Self will meet you more than half-way with its consistent support and encouragement.

Letting Go

Surrendering to your higher self means surrendering to your heart and releasing what no longer serves you, especially negative thought patterns of the past. Our heart center is where we anchor our spirit/soul/higher self into our physical being.

  • To release: Breathe deeply in and out through your heart center. Allow yourself to feel the energy of unconditional love. The more you stay in heart-centered truth, the more love can flow into your life. This love can dissolve behavior imprints from the past, including addictions.
  • You must practice this simple technique over and over again until it begins to feel natural. As you breathe into the center of your heart, you are surrendering to the ease, grace, love, and wisdom that is a natural part of your being.
  • When you let go, you learn not to react emotionally but to respond from the heart. Negative emotional reactions will cause your energy field to constrict while positive responses will cause your energy field to expand.

You know that your energy field is constricted or expanded by the way that you feel. If you are experiencing a contracted state such as fear, judgment, or anger – you will feel closed, shut down, and withdrawn. If you are experiencing an expanded state such as love, compassion, or joy – you will feel open, expressive, and connected to family and friends.

Closing Thoughts

As you enhance your relationship with your higher self, this connection will result in more synchronicity and harmony within your life. Your higher self will help you to release what no longer serves you, especially negative thought patterns of the past. When you let go and allow the feeling of unconditional love to enter your heart, your life will be guided by the grace of your inner wisdom.

Key Words:  Higher Self, Stability, Stillness, Wisdom, Pure Being