Common Causes of Headaches and How To Treat Them

Common Causes of Headaches and How To Treat Them

Headaches are annoying and painful, especially for those who experience them frequently. If you want to narrow down the reasons you may be suffering from these headaches, continue reading the material below. Here we provide information on the common causes of headaches so that you can identify which one applies to you and maybe even find some relief.

Poor Diet

While it differs from person to person, certain foods can lead to headaches or migraines. One specific food might be the trigger, or one ingredient in numerous recipes could be the source of your pain. If you suffer from chronic headaches, it might be beneficial to start a food journal so that you can identify any common foods or ingredients that may trigger the pain.

Keep in mind that you might also get a headache from hunger. If you have not eaten and need to, a headache might be your body’s way of reminding you that you need to eat.


Stress has a direct link to tension headaches. When you’re feeling stressed, the muscles in your shoulders and neck can become tight. This tension in your muscles can then cause headaches. Don’t let the stress get to you! Find ways of relaxing throughout your day, such as using meditation, yoga, exercise, or any other technique to help you unwind.


Dehydration is a real and common cause of headaches. If you are not adequately hydrating your body, that can result in a dehydration migraine. Believe it or not, the brain can temporarily shrink or contract from fluid loss. When that happens, the brain pulls away from the skull, resulting in pain. Nobody wants to deal with this pain—or any of the other negative ways dehydration affects the body—so make sure you’re drinking water when you’re thirsty and limiting the amount of caffeine you consume each day.

All three of these common causes of headaches are entirely avoidable! If you do your best to eat the right foods, keep away from stress, and drink lots of water, you might just get rid of those painful, unbearable headaches.


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