For those living in locations that experience all the seasons, this also means that you probably have to deal with more clothes. It’s essential to have what you need for all weather types, but you don’t necessarily have to keep something like your summertime bathing suit coverup out year-round.

If you’re wondering how to best manage the assortment of outfits you have during different times of the year, here are some tips for organizing your seasonal clothes.

Wash and Repair Everything

Before your clothes go into hibernation, spend the weekend washing and repairing anything and everything that needs it. Often, we don’t wash all our clothes each time we wear them (like socks). Now is the time to properly cleanse all of these. Round up everything, and make one trip to the dry cleaner.

Your future self will thank you today for being proactive in getting rid of stains and smells before they set even more. Finish repairs or make another trip to the seamstress, so they are ready for next year.

Store Them Properly

When it’s time to store the clothes somewhere, there is a right and wrong way to do it. Using the high shelf in the closet is great, or even moving the clothes to another closet in the house. However, be wary of stuffing clothes into plastic bags or storing them in humid places. Clothes need to breathe. Also, bunched-up clothes make great homes for little critters.

Take Time To Downsize

While you are spending time handling almost every single article of clothing you have, don’t be afraid to rehome clothes that you don’t wear or want anymore. Now is a great time to pile it all up and make a single trip to donate it. (Maybe on the same day you go to the dry cleaner?)

When switching seasonal wardrobes, it’s a great time to reexamine what you wore and what you didn’t. And if you didn’t wear it or ever want to wear it, why store it again?

By following these tips for organizing your seasonal clothes, you can make it easier to slide right in to season next year.


Authored by Inspire Your Journey