Making a morning smoothie is a great way to start your day. When you fill your cells with good nutrition, your energy lasts a long time. However, you may get tired of making the same smoothie over and over again. Here are some tips to spice up your recipe so it tastes fresh and new every morning. 

Choose A Good Base

The most common base for making smoothies is milk or water. If you want more flavor and a smoother texture, milk will provide these characteristics. For less calories, water is the best choice. To experience different flavor profiles, plant based milk is a great option. Oat, almond, or macadamia nut milk are superb choices. Compared to cow’s milk, plant based milk has less saturated fat and no cholesterol.      

Add Natural Sweeteners

Fruit and maple syrup can be used to sweeten your smoothie and make it delicious. Fresh, frozen, or dried fruit are all good options. For fresh fruit, apples and bananas are wonderful additions. Dried apricots or figs work well after soaking in water overnight so the pieces are soft and pliable for the blender. When using maple syrup, choose the Grade A Pure which is the healthiest and most natural variety.  

Supercharge with Supplements

To supercharge your smoothie, supplements can be added to really pack a punch. For starters, protein powder is typically included to boost the protein content and nutritional value. Or pumpkin seed butter can be used as a protein source instead. Vitamin C powder will support your immune system. A high quality probiotic will nourish your gut flora.  

A Few Final Thoughts

For health and wellness, smoothies are an invaluable way to begin your day. Ingredients matter so choose wisely. A great base with natural sweeteners and high quality supplements will provide sustained energy levels and curb sugar cravings. Please reach out and we will be happy to share our recommendations.   


Authored by Inspire Your Journey