It’s hard keeping a closet organized and clutter-free. It’s okay if you’re struggling to keep it straightened out; here’s a guide on quick and easy ways to get rid of old and unwanted clothing from your closet and everywhere else in your home.

Sell to Consignment Stores

Consignment stores are a perfect way to sell some of your gently used items, especially if they’re on-trend. Right before selling, it’s essential to know that not all consignment stores are the same; some pay on the spot, while others wait until your pieces sell to pay you.

While researching ways to sell your apparel, get in contact with each store to learn their policies and selling processes. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about their methods. By learning, you can find a store that’s willing to sell you your stuff at an excellent price.

Donate to a Charity

It’s essential to give away clothes to places like local thrift stores, school theater companies, or a veteran-supported charity. Donating gently used clothing to a charity can help get veterans on their feet.

Whether a veteran is going to a job interview or needs a new wardrobe at a comfortable cost, a charitable donation of your clothes can mean a lot to someone who has very little in their closet to choose from.

Repurpose Clothes Into Scraps

Some clothing items are so old they might not be worth donating or selling. Instead of throwing them away, consider cutting them up to use for projects or cleaning. You can transform old tees into a blanket and pillowcase, and socks can be used as rags.

Additionally, you can give gently used scrapped clothes to art centers to repurpose for other things, like gardens.

Give Them Away as Hand-Me-Downs

Some clothing feels too sentimental to give away but no longer fits. So if you still enjoy a piece and want to keep it around, consider giving it to younger family members to wear and grow into.

If an outfit has gone through many washes and looks unappealing, send it to a professional cleaner who can restore the quality of the clothes. Seeing old outfits come back to life once more is a great feeling, especially when you can watch your younger family members enjoy the same outfit that once made you happy.

Right after sorting through the quick and easy ways to get rid of unwanted clothes, you can now start to reinvent your wardrobe. From donating gently used clothes to the thrift store to reusing some of those worn-out items, you now have ways to declutter your closet for later.


Authored by Admin @ Inspire Your Journey