Although you may have no ambition to become the next Dwayne Johnson, that is no reason to exclude strength training from your workout. Training with weights can provide you with important health benefits. Here are reasons why you should add dumbbells to your workout.

Dumbbells Add Intensity

If you enjoy using a treadmill but are getting a decreased energy output, try carrying some dumbbells as you walk. These weights can add intensity to your treadmill workout, so you must exert more effort to move. You’ll also benefit your body by working more on your heart and muscles to develop core and leg strength.

Dumbbells Improve Your Circulation

Another reason why you should add dumbbells to your workout is that they can improve your body’s circulation. When you begin lifting dumbbells, you’re making your body pump blood more and increasing the oxygen and nutrient flow to the muscles you’re using.

Dumbbells Help Prevent Risks

You should also use dumbbells in your workout because they help you lower your risk of premature death. According to an Iowa State University study, you can help your body avoid heart disease and strokes by doing weight training for an hour or less every week. The proper use of dumbbells can help strengthen your body so that you avoid injuries as well.

Dumbbells Can Help You Sleep

Another positive effect of dumbbells is that they can help you get better sleep. As you do physical activities, your body feels more tired. In turn, this can improve your sleep quality, which means you feel better rested. And more sleep helps lower your stress levels, reduces your chances of getting sick, and helps you perform better at work.

Dumbbells Can Save You Time and Money

Although this one is less health-focused, it’s worth mentioning that buying dumbbells to use at home saves you from the cost of a gym membership. You also save the time you would spend traveling to a gym. You can do your workout at home conveniently without paying anyone to do so.

These reasons should inspire you to use dumbbells in your exercise routine today. Your body will get stronger, and you’ll enjoy even more rewards for your health.


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It may seem hard to comprehend, but every three mouthfuls of food we eat depend upon our friendly pollinators, which include bees. Bees are invaluable to the earth as they pollinate nearly 80 percent of flowering plants. Every aspect of a bee’s existence and purpose has incredible benefits, from pollination to honey and even wax. Find out more about the different uses and benefits of beeswax.

Healing Solvent

Beeswax can work as a powerful healing agent that accelerates and eases the healing of abrasions. The reason it works so well as a facilitator of healing is due to the way it prevents bacteria from entering the wound. Outside bacteria could cause your wound to become inflamed and infected, significantly prolonging and worsening the healing process.

Ancient Medicine

It’s incredible to think about, but the use of beeswax as a medicinal substance goes back nearly 9,000 years ago. For example, one of the many uses and benefits of beeswax in China nearly 2000 years ago was as medicine to increase circulation.

However, it’s also a sad thought that an ancient medicine could soon be unavailable to us. That’s due to the ever-growing problem of bees dying in unprecedented numbers due to global warming and habitat destruction. Thankfully, there are many ways to save the bees so that we can keep the use of this ancient medicine alive. One thing you can do right now is avoid chemicals toxic to bees, like pesticides.

Aromatherapy Staple

Beeswax has a natural aromatherapy component as it has a sweet, clean fragrance that many enjoy smelling. The most interesting part about the scent of a beeswax candle is that each one will smell a little different as it depends on the flowers used to create the honey. Moreover, burning beeswax can purify your air as it helps decrease the number of harmful pollutants in the home. These pollutants include dust, bacteria, hair, and fur.


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We tend to believe that natural sweeteners are bad for us. While you want to consume sugar sparingly, most natural sweeteners have health benefits. That’s why you should know about the surprising benefits that a sweetener like pure maple syrup can have for our lives. Pure maple syrup is a naturally occurring thick liquid that comes from the sap of a maple tree. It’s sweet and has some nutritional, health, and lifestyle benefits.

Rich in Antioxidants

You have likely heard a great deal about antioxidants and their importance, but do you know why? Antioxidants are compounds that absorb and neutralize the dangerous side effects of free radicals on your body. Free radicals occur when your body breaks down food or has exposure to harmful environments, which can lead to a host of health issues. Thankfully, maple syrup is high in antioxidizing agents that can help eradicate the harmful effects of free radicals.

Great Alternative to Honey

As you learn about the different surprising benefits of pure maple syrup, you might assume you have to start making flapjacks every morning. However, you can use maple syrup in a variety of recipes, and you can even swap maple syrup for honey in many recipes or vice versa. It might seem odd, as we tend to associate maple syrup with one meal, but you can add it to your tea, coffee, and baking recipes. It also adds a dynamic flavor profile to many meals and drinks that you might love.

Promotes Wellness

Nearly no one enjoys being sick. When we find ourselves under the weather, we try to do everything we can to hasten the recovery process. Maple syrup can promote your wellness by building your immunity to help fight against illnesses.

This wellness boost works because maple syrup is high in manganese, zinc, calcium, and potassium. These compounds keep your body running smoothly by providing necessary nutrients and keeping your white blood cell levels up.


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When it comes to exercising, people often think about generic practices, from weight lifting to running to HIIT workouts. However, movement comes in many forms. It also varies in intensity and impact.

High-impact exercises quickly escalate your heart rate, burn more calories in a short amount of time, and often involve more intensity. Low-impact exercises offer more joint support than their counterpart, minimizing the strain and stress on more sensitive body parts. However, they still get the heart pumping, muscles strengthened, and the body moving. Plus, they offer both high- and low-intensity movements.

Whether you prefer to take things slow, want to wean yourself into moving your body more, or require added support, low-impact exercises may be a perfect fit for you. Here are three different ways to enjoy low-impact exercises and alternative ways to get physically active.

Gentle Yoga Flows

Gentle and slow yoga flows, like Hatha or Vinyasa, provide low-impact movements. They focus on increasing your strength, working with your breath, stretching your muscles, building your core, and improving flexibility and balance. Compared to other forms of yoga, gentle flows hold positions longer, aim for deeper stretches, and encourage you to move slower. It works your joints but applies minimal impact. Plus, yoga allows you to work on your mind as well as your body, providing a two-in-one healthy habit.

Electric Bike Riding

Cycling, in general, reigns as one of the most popular types of low-impact exercise. It keeps your feet off the ground and eliminates collisions with hard surfaces, removing pressure from your joints while still allowing them to move.

Like many other forms of physical activity, cycling comes in many variations. Electric bikes offer numerous health benefits, including assisted low-impact movement. Its electric component and motor give you and your bike extra momentum and an added push, relieving applied force against your joints. It makes certain movements a lot easier, allowing you to move your body longer without overstraining it.

Aquatic Exercises

Take your workouts into the pool for added bouncy and less joint pressure. Aquatic exercises, like swimming and water aerobics, allow you to move without the strain or impact of working against gravity. The water provides impact relief while also simultaneously providing resistance, forcing your muscles to work a little harder without the risk of hurting your bones or joints. As a bonus, aquatic exercises allow you to stay refreshed and exercise with various fun water equipment, from pool noodles to aqua dumbbells.

Enjoy the benefits of physical activity without putting your joints and bones at risk with these three low-impact exercises. Whether you decide to slow down with a yoga flow, ride an electric bike, or take things to the pool, each of these exercise forms allows you to stay fit and maintain your health, even with some physical ailments. Plus, they add more entertainment to the mix compared to doing cardio and other workouts in a gym.


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A CPR certification is invaluable education for any person to obtain. Even just one person receiving this information could help countless others. If you think you can’t earn a CPR certification, know that anyone can have this extremely useful training. In fact, there are many reasons why you should consider getting CPR certified.

You Can Teach Others

If you had a piece of knowledge that could potentially save a life, wouldn’t you want to pass it on to others? When you have a CPR certification, you are one step closer to helping instruct countless others in this life-saving technique. The American Heart Association (AHA) is constantly on the lookout for people who are passionate about teaching others. If you want to become an instructor, it is best to consult with an AHA training center so that you can receive additional training.

Help Assist in Emergency

One thing many of us don’t realize is that while it is rare, emergencies can happen at any time, in any place. You can imagine how helpless you would feel if an emergency situation arose wherein someone required help, and you did not have the education to assist. One of the main reasons you should get CPR certified is that this training empowers you to assist in the event of an emergency.

Opens Opportunities

There are countless jobs that require CPR certifications for you to be eligible to apply. When you have a CPR certification, you could potentially open yourself up to many more job opportunities had you not received one. Moreover, a CPR certification is always an excellent addition to bulk up any résumé, no matter your field.

Learn Various CPR Methods

You might feel a little apprehensive about signing up to receive a certification as you might not know what to expect from your CPR training course. One aspect of the training that you should expect and might even find yourself surprised about is that you will learn a variety of CPR methods. For example, you will learn the different methods for administering CPR to a child, infant, and adult.

Be the Component

Sudden cardiac arrests happen every day, and more often than not, they occur outside of a hospital environment. What’s more, someone experiencing a sudden cardiac arrest requires immediate medical assistance. In fact, for every minute a victim goes without assistance, survival chances decrease by about 10 percent.

That is why one of the most crucial reasons people become certified in CPR is because they could be the one component in a situation that saves a life. According to the AHA, administering CPR to a victim could double or triple their chances of survival.


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Bike commuting has been a popular way to get around in bigger cities for decades. Today, this transportation option has become a popular way to get to work, shops, or even brunch. The numerous benefits include better health, fewer expenses, and the ability to get outside every day. If you’re just starting on your bike commute journey, then there are some tips and essentials that you need to know. Here are some tips and essentials for those who are thinking about making their first bike commute.

Safety First

Wear bright clothing, and if you will be traveling early morning or late evening when the sun isn’t out, be sure to use a light of some kind. It would be best to have one attached to both the front and back of your helmet or the bike itself.

Bright colors and lights make it easier for drivers to see you. The lights also help you see where you’re going so you can stay on the road safely. No matter how short the ride is, it’s worth wearing a helmet. This one act could save your life.

Advanced Planning

Plan your route and make sure it is safe. Even if there aren’t many cars around, other obstacles like construction or potholes could cause a spill on your commute. Make sure to consider busy intersections where drivers aren’t expecting bikes. If possible, plan ways around these problem areas.

Practice Your Route Over the Weekend

If you are biking to the same place every day, take your bike out for a dry run over the weekend. This gives you a chance to try it out without the added pressure of arriving on time. You may also choose to practice in different weather conditions or at different times of the day before making the switch.

Bike Commuting Can Be Very Safe, Cost Efficient, and Easy

Before you embark on your bike commute, planning is important. Advanced planning is the key to a safe and stress-free commute. Here are a few last things to keep in mind:

  • Leg cramps are real, and you should be prepared for how to deal with them while cycling.
  • Check your tires, brakes, and chain for wear before each ride.
  • Be sure that any lights or reflective materials are working properly at nighttime before leaving home.
  • Have a predetermined spot to lock up your bike while you are working.

Once you’ve done all this preparation work, you are ready to hit the road. Hopefully, this inspired you to give bike commuting a try. It can feel intimidating at first, but just remember that everyone started somewhere!


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It may be hard to imagine escaping the heat in the middle of summer, but you can do it. If you plan out the right time of day and activities that won’t allow you to become overheated, you can survive the brutal dog days of summer. These are five activities to help keep cool in the summertime so that you can do just that!

Mountain Climbing

If you find the opportunity to travel, reserve a cabin for a vacation where you can hike through the mountainside this summer. Mountain climbing and hiking are the perfect ways to beat the heat without overexerting yourself. You can go at your own pace and stay cool while you do it. And when you get home, you’ll feel refreshed and ready for your next big adventure.

Morning Bike Riding

If you get up early enough and the dew is still on the grass, you’ll notice that these are the coolest temperatures you’ll have all day long. There’s usually less going on at this time of day, too. So if you have a bicycle, you can get your morning workout in without the stress and pressure of getting around other folks. This is the perfect way to enjoy your morning.


If there were a perfect activity for hot weather, swimming would be at the top of the list. Not everyone likes swimming, but it sure beats the sweltering heat, no matter if it’s a pool, a lake, or a river. You will find the serenity you need in the water, where it’s always cool. As a bonus, you will feel relaxed for most of the day after you get out since water has a natural way of relaxing the body.

Reading in the Shade

Maybe you need the ultimate break of not doing anything but working out your brain for a while. That’s perfectly acceptable in high-temperature weather like we experience in the summer. One activity you might invest your time in is setting up a hammock under a nice pair of shady trees with a book. It’s always several degrees cooler under a tree, and you’ll have a breeze to cool you off. Pair this with a cold beverage of your choice, and you’ll be living it up in the summertime.

Jog in the Twilight

Much like taking the morning bike ride, you might enjoy those cooler evening temperatures if you’re not an early bird. As the sun goes down, you will notice that the temperatures will also drop significantly. So as long as you stay hydrated before and after your jog, you should be able to get out and stretch your legs so that you can relax and sleep well afterward.

This has been a list of five activities to help keep cool in the summertime. You can always add or subtract from the list if you want, but this is a simple guideline to help you get started.


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Parkinson’s is a central nervous system disorder that’s common among senior individuals. Parkinson’s commonly targets the motor system, but its progression varies between individuals. Parkinson’s also makes it difficult to conduct day-to-day activities and requires medical intervention to manage the symptoms. Outside of medical intervention, the best way to deescalate and manage Parkinson’s symptoms is to stay cognitively and physically active.

Explore several hobbies for older adults with Parkinson’s that can help alleviate symptoms to provide a sense of comfort while managing the disorder.

Singing Lessons

Singing helps improve any damage to the vocal cords that may be caused by Parkinson’s. Issues with eating, swallowing, or talking can also be improved by strengthening the muscles and soft tissues required to sing.

Model Railroading

Model railroading helps tune fine motor skills and provides a cognitive workout through creative design. Learning about model railroads is also an easy indoor hobby that one can practice through online sources or by attending community events, which can also help promote socialization.

Playing an Instrument

Playing an instrument is an ideal hands-on hobby for older adults with Parkinson’s. Playing an instrument strengthens the fingers and helps tune fine motor skills. Learning a new skill also helps activate important regions of the brain and boosts mood through the power of music.

Practicing Senior Yoga

Parkinson’s can prevent older adults from moving at full capacity without difficulty. A yoga practice that is specifically designed for older adults is a hobby that integrates the body and mind in a peaceful partnership. Yoga can help older adults with Parkinson’s practice balance, coordination, and core stability.

Playing Virtual Games

A modern hobby that can benefit older adults with Parkinson’s is virtual games. The colorful animation in virtual games helps engage the brain’s visual center and improves the player’s problem-solving skills as they attempt to reach the next level. Older individuals can play virtual games from any technological device; this activity helps provide positive reinforcement to maintain physical and mental engagement.


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When you’re looking to make a new purchase, it’s easier than ever to buy exactly what you want, thanks to online shopping. However, that doesn’t mean you’re comfortable buying everything you need online. Though it may seem like more trouble than shopping at a grocery store, here are five reasons why you should purchase groceries online.

More Variety

Probably the biggest reason to shop online is that there is so much more to choose from. This aspect is vital if you’re trying to follow a particular style of healthy eating and don’t have what you need near you. Alternatively, buying online lets you experiment with new foods that you may otherwise never hear about if you’re only shopping at brick-and-mortar stores.

Save Money

Who doesn’t like saving money on their grocery bill? By buying online, you can often buy in bulk quantities larger than what’s available at most stores, and often for much cheaper. This is a fantastic way to save money on things you use at home or in your kitchen.

Fresher Meat and Produce

When you buy food at the grocery store, it is almost certain that the food has thawed at least once during the transportation process. While this doesn’t normally affect whether the food is safe for consumption, it can alter the quality or texture of the food. When you order online, smaller companies can use faster shipping services to get the food to you with fewer steps.

Eliminates Waste

The traditional transportation method for meat and produce takes time and creates waste. Did you know that stores might reject whole deliveries of produce if the truck arrives even a day later than expected? When you order groceries directly from the source, you can avoid participating in systems that generate such substantial amounts of food waste.

Help Food Providers Directly

A fantastic reason to purchase groceries online is to help small businesses around the country instead of large corporations. For example, if you buy fish online from a fisherman’s co-op, your money goes directly to the people who provided that fish. Think of the internet as a giant online farmer’s market.

Whether you’re trying to avoid leaving the house or just looking for more ethical ways to purchase groceries, ordering online is a terrific way to save money and help food providers.


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Getting in shape is a marathon, not a sprint. It may sound cliché, but fitness is all about a lifestyle change. Habits take time to form, and if eating unhealthy food has become entrenched in your life, breaking this habit won’t happen overnight. Ultimately, the first step in making a positive change to your health is to set realistic and achievable goals. To take your health into your own hands, check out these helpful tips for setting realistic fitness goals.

Take Baby Steps

You don’t need to become a fitness enthusiast and completely change your lifestyle overnight. Instead, start with one healthy meal. For example, consider ditching your usual choice of fast food and making a delicious salad for lunch one day.

Then, try choosing healthy options for each meal for an entire day. Then two. Then a week. Before you know it, you’ve gained momentum and are beginning to lose weight. That said, you may have a few slip-ups here and there—that’s OK. Just get back on the horse and continue chasing your health goals.

Identify Your “Why”

Another helpful tip for setting realistic fitness goals is to identify your why. In other words, take some time to think about all the reasons you want to be healthy.

Maybe you want to avoid heart issues or look good. You can even write these reasons out on a piece of paper. They’ll help you stay motivated when you want to eat that bag of chips!

Determine What Is Physically Possible

To set realistic fitness goals, you need to determine what’s physically possible for you to achieve. For example, if your goal is to lose weight, around one to two pounds per week is generally considered a healthy rate of weight loss, depending on your current weight. This means you may comfortably lose two to eight pounds per month by burning 500-1,000 calories per day. Remember that your body burns calories even without exercise—calories are the energy it uses to function, which is why you can lose weight just by eating less.

Don’t Rush Things

You may want to lose weight faster but never perform a crash diet. A crash diet involves drastic changes that you can’t maintain, so you’ll ultimately end up right back where you started. You need to make minor changes over time to get into a diet “groove” and build momentum. Again, diets are all about cultivating healthy habits that stick!

By following these tips, you can set realistic and achievable fitness goals. Best of luck on your fitness journey!


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