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Welcome to Inspire Your Journey, a wellness company offering a BEMER Rentals Program. New units may be purchased from our BEMER Shop.

BEMER Group Completion Badge
BEMER Group Completion Badge

The wise person should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings.

The sculpture of the Greek God Hippocrates


How to Maintain Your Balance in a World of Duality

When I saw my niece perform the balance beam act at a gymnastics meet, I was astounded at her ability to sustain her inner poise. For the gymnasts, it takes great agility to remain calm and steady on a beam that is only four inches wide. As…

Discovering the Divine in Everyday Life

The topic of spirituality has steadily gained momentum over the years, but what does authentic spirituality represent and how does it impact our everyday lives? From my personal experiences, I believe that the core essence of spirituality involves…

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