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Susan Kapatoes is an excellent practitioner. Great communication, education, and compassion throughout our experience working with her. She provides practical assistance and real help when needed! Susan was fast and organized with shipping and getting us set up on the device. The BEMER is an incredible resource, thank you for making that available to us at such a reasonable rate!

I rented the BEMER to help with the recovery from my C-section and I’ve been amazed with the results after 3 weeks of daily use. My OB was amazed at how quickly I am healing and I have no pain around my incision 6 weeks post surgery. So thankful for the recommendation to try the BEMER! Susan was great with walking me through proper usage and was prompt with shipment. Definitely plan to rent from her again in the future!

Had a great experience renting a BEMER unit from Susan. She was readily available anytime I had questions regarding set up and use of the equipment. Highly recommended!

I rented a BEMER mat from Inspire Your Journey before deciding to buy it. Susan was very helpful in answering questions I had along the way and providing material on how best to use the mat and various attachments.

Susan was extremely helpful & very instructional & informative about the use of the BEMER with both online & written information.

I rented a BEMER from Susan and had a great experience. When I received the BEMER, Susan and I got on Zoom and she helped me with the setup. It was very simple. I will use BEMER Rentals again and send others to Susan!

Sue explains everything to make using the BEMER rental seamless & enjoyable. The BEMER is a wonderful tool to reduce inflammation in the body. Only need a few minutes each day to feel the positive results. Highly recommend!

Renting equipment from Susan was smooth and effortless. She is thorough, organized, and responsive to questions that I had along the way. I highly recommend working with Susan.

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