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Welcome to Inspire Your Journey, a wellness company offering a BEMER Rentals Program. New units may be purchased from our BEMER Shop.

BEMER Group Completion Badge
BEMER Group Completion Badge

The wise person should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings.

The sculpture of the Greek God Hippocrates


How To Connect With Higher Wisdom

Higher wisdom is generally regarded as that part of ourselves which is connected to a power greater than ourselves. Coming from a spiritual perspective, Higher wisdom can be likened to our soul which is integrated into the human body via our…

Pure vs Refined Carbohydrates

Eating the right type of food will give your cells a steady stream of energy along with the nutrients it needs to maintain optimal health. According to the American Diabetes Association, carbohydrates are the main source of energy for our body.…

The Healing Power of Rose Quartz

After working a full day, I typically feel the need to recharge and refresh my creativity reservoir. I love what I do as a life coach, author, and healer, but it is imperative that I keep myself energized and balanced so I am able to provide…

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