5 of the Best Ways To Restore Mental Clarity

5 of the Best Ways To Restore Mental Clarity

The challenges we face when our mental clarity isn’t up to our expectations can pile on one by one. We are frantic, in a state of survival. Even so, we are often overwhelmed by simple day-to-day items. There are a few things we can control—and even more things we cannot. Here are five of the best ways to restore mental clarity within our power each day.

Restore in Nature

We often get lost in the shuffle of our daily lives and fail to pause and reboot. A lot of mental fog comes from our lack of connection with nature on a routine basis. If you hit reached your threshold and feel the urge to get away, consider a quaint space in the mountains for any number of days you can tolerate. Try not to rush back into your routine and give yourself wholly to the process of pausing.

Herbal Supplements

It’s possible that you can’t leave your home and take a vacation. In that case, experimenting with herbal supplements is an excellent way to restore mental clarity from the comfort of your home. Ensure you take the time to understand the areas you’re deficient in to grasp which supplements may benefit you entirely.

Herbs like rosemary and peppermint are easily accessible and can support you in your quest. And always consult with your physician before experimentation.

Reduce Refined Sugars

A lot of modern-day brain fog is traceable through our nutrition habits. With much of the food market containing refined and processed sugars, these break down and lead to fatigue, brain lethargy, and dullness in thought processes.

Opting for more natural sugars from various vegetables and fruits can ensure you receive your daily vitamins and minerals. Your body will also process these natural sugars organically compared to the refined versions.

Build a Good Relationship With Sleep

Understandably, it feels like there isn’t enough time in the day. With all the things on the list, including getting eight hours of sleep, getting overwhelmed can kick into overdrive. The best way to feel sharp is by allowing our body and brain to rest. We take on an abundance throughout one day’s wake hours, and the only way to start a new day refreshed is to sleep off the one we finished.

Build a strong relationship with sleep and fine-tune what your body needs to feel rejuvenated. Mental clarity relies on your ability to slow the brain and start over.

Practice Mindfulness

In addition to getting enough sleep, practicing mindfulness during your wake hours can work wonders on our sharpness. Things like meditation, conscious breathing, and self-care techniques can help us shift our daily stressors and pause. The power in slow breaks throughout the day can encourage us to sit with our thoughts and regroup.

There is no right or wrong way to regain mental clarity. Everyone’s stressors and day-to-day objectives are vastly different, and because of that, the way we replenish will vary. The important part is to find a rhythm that works for you and implement it.


Authored by Admin @ Inspire Your Journey