5 Healthy Habits To Adopt This Summer

5 Healthy Habits To Adopt This Summer

With longer days and warmer weather, summer offers the opportunity to embrace healthier habits. Incorporating fresh food into your diet, walking instead of driving to work, and going at a slower pace will boost both your physical and mental health.

Dive into these five healthy habits to adopt this summer to feel great!

Enjoy the Outdoors

After being cooped up inside and on the couch all winter long, it’s finally time to get outside and stretch your legs! Spend the day at the beach or forego your gym and exercise outside. Call a friend and plan a hike in a nature preserve or trail.

Enjoy the outdoors in any capacity while you have the chance! Some other ideas for getting outside include:

  • Walk or bike to work. Skip public transportation or leave your car in the garage and walk or bike to work. You’ll start your day with more energy.
  • Shop at farmers’ markets. If you have a farmer’s market nearby, consider shopping there instead of the grocery store for fresh produce and other items. You’ll get exercise and fresh air with the added benefit of supporting your local economy.
  • Grill out. Take any and every opportunity to grill out!

Seasonal Food

There’s a reason restaurant chefs overhaul their menus as warmer weather approaches. The overabundance of produce that becomes available allows for a wealth of creative dishes. Seasonal foods for the summer includes blackberries, melons, beets, cucumbers, and zucchinis, among so many others. Try out recipes with these heart-healthy foods for weekday dinners to add more nutrients and unexpected flavors.

Slower Pace

Summer can be a great time of year to reset your mindset. Slow your pace by taking any opportunity to relax outside. Even a few minutes can have positive effects on your mood. Many workplaces offer shorter work hours during summertime. Check-in and see if your office offers this perk, and don’t be hesitant at taking a personal day or vacation time. You earned it!

Wear Sunscreen

The summer sun feels great on your skin, but it’s also vital that you protect it. Always put on sunscreen before heading outside and reapply every few hours, especially if you’re swimming. By becoming a regular sunscreen user, you’ll decrease your risk of skin cancer by half.

Stay Hydrated

Be sure to drink plenty of water. Being adequately hydrated helps us physically in many ways, giving us better digestion, brighter skin, and increased energy levels. Drinking water also helps regulate anxiety and helps us relax. You can track your water intake with apps or methods like using a measured water bottle throughout the day.

You’ll enjoy the warmer months to their full extent with these five healthy habits to adopt this summer!


Authored by Inspire Your Journey