3 Ways To Boost Your Immune System

Adding nutrients to your daily routine is a fundamental way to boost your immune system. There are a number of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that the body needs to work properly. Here are a few essentials that we take on a daily basis. 

Vitamin C – A Potent Antioxidant

Vitamin C is a water-soluble nutrient found in many fruits and vegetables. It is primarily known for its antioxidant effect and ability to reduce inflammation. Antioxidants help protect cells from free radical damage and preserve cell integrity. Vitamin C has also been shown to prevent and treat respiratory infections. Recommended dosages vary, but higher gram doses can be taken under certain circumstances. 

Zinc – An Antiviral Agent

Zinc is an essential trace mineral that is crucial for the maintenance of immune function. This study from Oxford Academic shows that zinc plays an inhibitory role in almost every aspect of the viral life cycle. A deficiency in zinc is associated with a depressed immune system. Zinc tablets taken with meals can significantly reduce zinc absorption as compared to water-based solutions of zinc taken on an emptier stomach. 

L-Lysine – An Immunity Superstar

L-Lysine is an amino acid that helps build protein in the body. These proteins help produce essential hormones and enzymes as well as immune cells. This is why supplements with l-lysine are widely recognized as a natural aid to improve the body’s immune system. L-Lysine is commonly known for treating herpes simplex viral infections. Additionally, l-lysine aids in helping the body absorb calcium, iron, and zinc.

The Three Powerhouses

Vitamin C, Zinc, and L-Lysine are three of the most powerful allies when it comes to supporting the immune system. We take these nutrients daily because we take our health seriously. If you would like details regarding product recommendations, please reach out and we will be glad to assist you.    



Authored by Admin @ Inspire Your Journey