A Spiritual Journey

by Susan Kapatoes, MHA, CPC

Susan Kapatoes sensed from an early age that she was somehow different. While other children argued and took sides at school, she played the role of peacemaker and sought out the good in every person. A lover of balance and harmony, it was not long before she began feeling intense moments of divine intervention – unexpected happenings that caused her to remember and experience the omnipresent energy that is moving through our infinite universe and permeating our everyday lives

Chronicling the major turning points in Susan Kapatoes’ life, A Spiritual Journey brings readers into her deeply personal yet entirely accessible experience of the divine. In beautifully compelling prose and poetry, she describes the transformational moments that deeply touched her heart, showing her that existence extends far beyond the boundaries of the physical world. Susan shares heartfelt stories of love, spirituality, friendship, and difficulty along with moments of the sacred and the miraculous. Readers who have journeyed along with her have undergone an expansion of consciousness and a glimpse of the greater reality.

In clear, simple, and elegant language, A Spiritual Journey empowers each of us to take positive action and awaken our own inherent wisdom. Susan shares invaluable tools for igniting our own spiritual journey, tools we may not realize we have access to. She helps us reconnect with the spiritual intelligence within, taking us far beyond Mindfulness and ordinary Meditation.

A Spiritual Journey has garnered wide acclaim and is on its way to becoming a bestseller. Reconnect with your divine essence and read it today!

“On this journey toward inner harmony, we will come to realize that love is our birthright and represents the foundation of everything that is real and true. To manifest love, both earthly and divine, we need to think about this sublime quality by focusing our attention on it.” 

– Susan Kapatoes, A Spiritual Journey

“Kapatoes’ story is gripping because she perceives an absolute reality to her spiritual awareness. Her awakening is not merely intellectual, she actually experiences the divine. Overall it’s an enormously optimistic book, which many may find comforting and uplifting.”

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